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Cataclysmic Event Ended Ice Age

Journalist and filmmaker Graham Hancock says there’s stunning evidence that an extraterrestrial, cataclysmic impact was responsible for ending the Ice Age.

Hancock explains that the undisputed episode we now call the Younger Dryas Impact, which occurred between 12,800 to 11,600 years ago B.C., was a true global cataclysm on an enormous scale. He says not only was human population diminished, but it destroyed everything in its path, including mega fauna.

Though there still are arguments of what caused the catastrophe, Hancock says there is clear evidence from a research group, with input from more than 100 scientists, that the planet ran into the debris trail of a disintegrating comet. “There were air bursts all over the Earth. It change global climate radically and led to the extinction of mega fauna and, I would say, the loss of a civilization that existed during the Ice Age.” Here’s more on London Real.

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