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Did Our Timeline Start in 1800s?

My Lunch Break (MLB) digs deeply into what he describes as the insane narrative we’ve been told that everything of consequence happened in the last 300 years.

In Part I of a two-part series, MLB discusses how nearly every invention–from electricity to phones and cars, to planes and trains, to radios and computers, and major sports organizations–all came to fruition once the USA and banks were created.  How long have all these advances and pleasures really existed? Are we made to believe that absolutely nothing evolved in the thousands of years before the U.S. and banks came along?

MLB alleges there most likely was an advanced civilization before us, where possibly all these amenities existed. Says MLB, “If this timeline was planned, then all previous history is false.” Here’s more of his report.

In Part II of the series, My Lunch Break delves further into the phenomenon of the last three centuries, this time exposing the many lies that have befallen us. Were all the advancements due to evolution? MLB thinks not. “There’s a different, more logical explanation,” he says.


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