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New Video Proves Pentagon Lie

David Mahoney reports that after more than two decades since the 9/11 debacle, a never-before-seen video has surfaced of first responders at the alleged airplane crash at the Pentagon.

Mahoney says the clip (:07:17 of video) of fire department members at the site has never been out, because “it was obviously confiscated.” Before showing the clip, Mahoney challenges viewers. “As this video plays out, have a look to see if you can see where the airplane is, the fuselage, seats, luggage, bodies, cables, wings, engines–anything,” he says. “If you can find any part of an airplane, I’ll send you 100 bucks!”

Mahoney concludes that you won’t find any sign of an airplane, because there wasn’t one–it was a missile! He explains further, plus also discusses the horror of the panicking Ukrainian government’s decision to send prisoners, mental patients and women to the front lines of the war.

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