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Major Events Are Coming

Day after day prophecies are being fulfilled, further signaling the end of times, including a major event in Israel that no one in the United States is talking about.

In the following episode, Everything Inside Me explains the revelation of a group of western Christians, known as Boneh Israel, and their search for unblemished red-heifer cattle, a significant key for temple sacrifices to be reinstituted. Shockingly, after searching for the specimen in Israel for 2,000 years, five red heifers were delivered to Ben Gurion Airport, in Jersusalem, on Sept. 15 from the U.S, according to the Temple Institute.

Rabbis and leaders in the Jewish community say the heifers will be used to reinstate many of the Jewish practices in the Temple of Jerusalem, increasing the fulfillment of many prophecies in rapid succession. More from EIM on the significance of the ritual, plus the possible announcement of the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant.

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