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Evidence Supports Moon Hoax

Professer emeritus at the University of Minnesota and podcaster, Dr. Jim Fetzer, says the evidence remains strong that the alleged U.S. moon landing in 1969 was a hoax.

Appearing on the Brian Ruhe podcast, Fetzer called out a tweet from the Huffington Post as unimpressive that said: “Anyone who doesn’t believe we had a moon landing should have their head examined.” Fetzer reiterates that he has posted mountains of evidence proving there was no moon landing.

“We didn’t have the compulsion power, we didn’t have the computing capacity, we didn’t have the communications ability,” Fetzer said. He also noted that he posted evidence of photos with intersecting shadows, which is impossible because the sun is the only light source and shots of the moon rover sitting there with no tracks coming in or out. Here’s more.

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