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New Canal System In Gaza?

In a stunning revelation surfacing in the last 24-48 hours, Kerry Cassidy tells The Redneck Renegade that the chaos on the Gaza Strip may all be centered around creating a new canal system in the region, similar to the Suez Canal.

Although host Elias Melchizedek says the plan to carve out a new canal system has always been at play with the Khazarian Mafia’s Greater Israel Project (12:41 of video), Cassidy is adamant that this is something different. “There is a tradition of them doing that, but this is a different kind of land grab,” Cassidy says.

She says what’s actually happening is the Israelis are attempting to move the northern Palestinian population in Gaza southward, since they consider anyone living in northern Gaza a terrorist.

She explains further and reveals how we’ve entered an AI-alien world, laced with the Luciferian agenda.

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