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Gamera: Destroy All Planets

Today’s Trillion ($) Movie is a special treat: GAMERA — DESTROY ALL PLANETS, the 1968 sequel to GAMERA, THE INVINCIBLE and GAMERA VS. GYAOS. Here, everyone’s favorite airborne, spinning Turtle whistles “Happy Together” as he fights to save the Earth from invading, beret-wearing aliens who threaten Tokyo, as well as two innocent Boy Scouts. Some viewers might scoff at the crazy nonsense, but it does seem rather prophetic: Aren’t the Boy Scouts under siege these days from Liberal loonies known to wear berets and spout alien ideals?

I could spoonfeed you more of the subtext, but why steal Gamera’s thunder, most evident after the space men shape-shift into a giant squid monster? Will this monstrous foe steal the Earth’s supply of nitrogen and forever extinguish Gamera’s methane burners, or can the kid-defending tortoise torch the miscreant? Enjoy, and be sure to return every Friday as we unveil our weekly Trillion ($) Movie.

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