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Rapper Gives Boycott the Bird

Gay rapper Antoine Dodson says no one can stop him from eating at Chick-Fil-A. “I’m so tired of people from the gay community telling where I can/should eat at,” he says. “I’m so grown and do what I want when I want like eating at Chick-Fil-A.”

Seems like a healthy, independent attitude. Can’t say the same about the thuggish posturing by two mayors, Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel and Boston’s Tom Menino, threatening to veto Chick-Fil-A building permits in support of a gay boycott against the restaurant chain. If Emanuel and Menino want to walk a picket line or eat squid every day till the cows come home, they’re welcome to do so.

But they have moved well beyond the bully pulpit when they intimate they’re entitled, or empowered, to jerry-rig local building codes to wipe out those who hold differing political views. That’s not only a gross abuse of their authority, but also treading into quite illegal and dangerously un-American territory.

For the record, the contributors to Call Me Stormy are divided on the issue of gay marriage — some supporting it, others opposed. Regardless of where we stand on that topic, none of us want to see our greater constitutional rights eroded, and certainly not trampled upon by two-bit tinhorns like Emanuel and Menino. H/T Ironic Surrealism

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