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The Mob Hounds Olympian

Corey Cogdell, a member of the US Olympic Shooting Team, has come under fire from anti-hunting moonbats. Cogdell’s crime? She enjoys big-game hunting and has posted photos on her Facebook page showing herself with her trophy kills.

Revealing themselves to be quite bloodthirsty despite masquerading as pacifist-minded humanitarians, the twits have taken to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, advocating violence against Cogdell and her family. Tweeted Konejira, “Please go shoot yourself in the knees. YOU ANIMAL MURDERER!! you’re a disgusting human being.” Someone else wailed, “These ppl need to be shot deheaded and posted on a wall.” A third party wrote, “I hope that someone someday shoot your whole familly just practicing.—”

Cogdell, a trap shooter from Palmer, Alaska, won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and is currently competing at the 2012 Games. Upon arriving in London, she did a Skype interview with the NRA News, discussing how she loves to use Twitter and Facebook to reach out to her fans. Wonder if her enthusiasm for social media has been tempered now that the haters have gone into hyperdrive to whip up their PETA-inspired hysteria? H/T Twitchy

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