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Beijing Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

The Democratic politician that the Communists thrust into the White House via cheating in the 2020 election — Joe Biden — is now vowing a massive crackdown on unvaccinated workers. Biden proposes using OSHA regulations to force large employers to get rid of workers who haven’t taken the jab.

Here, Beijing Biden explains his evil directive, in a clip offered by Sharyl Attkinson.

Styxhexenhammer666 says we shouldn’t worry too much. He calls the directive blatantly unconstitutional and says it’s likely to be thrown out by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Biden cannot issue directives to mandate legislation. For that to happen, his Democratic colleagues in the Congress must first pass bills that would require vaccinations.

In the meantime, Styx recommends disregarding Biden’s bluster. “Walk out of your job en masse,” Styx says.


Twitter’s Jack Dorsey gets comforted by Donald Trump Jr., with a little bit of bedside reading. More from The United Spot.

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This week was a doozy. Most of the Big Tech CEOS, including Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and Jeff Bezos from Amazon, testified before Congress on their increasingly draconian censorship tactics. Because of the COVID-19 scares, remote testimony was allowed.

Personally, we’d make it even more remote. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like engage in so much censorship, none of them should be permitted to operate in the United States. Next time, Congress should just take their testimony from Beijing, Communist China — because that’s where all of these Big Tech assholes belong. More from Mark Dice.


In Pursuit of Truth says Washington, DC, has become RAT infested. That not only speaks to the character of our nation’s politicians and governing elite, but it’s also a veiled reference to Remote Access Trojans. These RATS are malware that provide covert surveillance and unauthorized access to a victim PC. Trojans mimic keyloggers, giving the perpetrator access to the usernames, passwords, chat logs, browser histories and emails stored on that PC. In other words, it’s a way to gain backdoor access. You can remotely change the computer settings and use the bandwidth of the PC for criminal activity.

Here, IPOT also gets into Alexander Downer, the former Australian foreign minister who provided $25 million to the Clinton Foundation and also was involved in the sale of uranium to the same Russian state-owned company that later purchased Uranium One. Did he meet in London, Great Britain,with Peter Strzok and Lisa Page? If so, what was the nature of their conversation? When Q posts reference the term “koala,” are they actually addressing this former Australian official?

Also, in a bombshell report, multiple Planned Parenthood officials have testified under oath that the non-profit engaged in the trafficking and sale of body parts and organs of babies that they slaughtered. These are criminal acts — acts which should be prosecuted to the utmost permissible under law.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are fighting for their lives. They know once the truth comes out, it is game over. They are prepared to use all assets to get what they want, even if it means destroying the US. The event narrative is rapidly falling apart. The healthy people want to know why they are still on lockdown. Does this really have to do with the virus or the election? New FBI docs show the Obama administration not only spied on Trump but also the Senate. More from The X22 Report.

Is God angry over the Communist Party in China? How else explain a storm that brewed over Beijing, darkening the skies and sending bolts of lightning popping to the ground in broad daylight? Are we witnessing a full-scale [Deep State] attack? All assets are deployed. Can the patriots win? More from And We Know News.

Our favorite anon and POTUS post perfectly to sew a narrative that must be paid attention to, it’s about the election. With Social media companies censoring voices, POTUS vows to take action against Twitter now that they have targeted him in a new way. Let’s take a look! Also, how did the Clowns at the CIA plan a scandal in Italy? More from RedPill78.

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John McCain’s treason is back in the news. Meanwhile, China is turning super-aggressive and stepping up its pressures to badger Hong Kong. It’s time form the United States, as well as Europe, to re-access our relations with China.  Much more of our manufacturing should occur at home so we are not dealing with a belligerent and corrupt state. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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Hong Kong Activists Arrested

In September 2019, Philosopher Stefan Molyneux traveled to Hong Kong to cover the anti-communist protests. The result was the documentary: HONG KONG: FIGHT FOR FREEDOM –

This is the FULL interview between Stefan Molyneux and Martin Lee, the great Hong Kong pro-democracy lawyer and founder of Hong Kong’s Constitution – who was arrested Saturday night.

All told, police in Hong Kong arrested 14 pro-democracy figures, including Democratic Party founder Martin Lee, rights lawyer Albert Ho and media tycoon Jimmy Lai, for “illegal assembly” in connection with mass street protests last year.

Martin Lee is considered the grandfather of the Hong Kong democracy movement, while Lai owns the Apple Daily, the biggest pro democracy media organization in the city. The group were arrested in a coordinated raid on Saturday, just days after Beijing dismissed a clause in the city’s Basic Law proscribing Chinese government departments from interfering in the city’s daily life.

The U.K.-based rights group Hong Kong Watch said the arrests were “politically motivated.”

“The politically motivated arrests of 14 of the most prominent democracy campaigners in Hong Kong … represents a concerted effort by the Chinese Communist Party to use the world’s focus on the COVID-19 pandemic to strangle dissent in the city,” the group said in a statement on Saturday. More from Stefan Molyneux.

China Kills Coronavirus Victims

Be prepared for the Coronavirus pandemic and avoid FEMA food lines.

A new video purports to show Chinese Military Police executing Coronavirus victims for refusing to be quarantined. Will the United States government follow suit?

The United States military has set up mass quarantine camps in the United States to hoard people into. The Department of Defense has confirmed that the U.S. is following in China’s footsteps.

Areas to quarantine those infected with the Coronavirus quickly become places similar to concentration camps and gulags. With China now forcing people from their homes and into mass quarantine camps, it might not be long before the police state in the U.S. comes crashing in to “protect and serve” the public. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!

Did coronavirus originate in a Chinese government laboratory? Scientists believe this killer disease may have begun in a research facility 300 yards from Wuhan wet fish market.  Beijing-sponsored South China University of Technology concludes that ‘the killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan,’

It points to research on bats and respiratory diseases carried by the animals at the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. WCDC is just 300 yards from the seafood market and is adjacent to the hospital…

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain updates you on the latest news on this radical new health threat. Is it time to panic?

Here’s a coronavirus update 20 by pulmonologist Dr. Seheult of Coronavirus (COVID-19) misinformation has often spread faster than the virus itself according to Dr. Carl Bergstrom. Dr. Seheult discusses this “infodemic,” the Diamond Princess cruise ship, and a recent report from the University of Minnesota that provides insight into case fatality rate, infection severity, and possible coronavirus trends among other key questions.

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80 Cities Now Quarantined

The mass media might be downplaying it, but the coronavirus has now resulted in 80 cities being quarantined, including Beijing. In other words, it’s proving to be more resilient and deadly than either SARS or MEMS. We don’t know yet if or even when the coronavirus might be as serious in the Western world, but the director of WHO — the World Health Organization — is issuing some ominous warnings. More from Lisa Haven.

Styxhexenhammer666 says containment is going to be difficult, if not impossible, with over 43,000 cases of coronavirus now being reported. The number of dead now exceeds 1,000. There are shortages in Singapore. China is changing its disease definitions, apparently to try to reduce panic. Styx says Japan is downplaying the severity as well.  Do not be fooled. Neither country is winning its fight against this highly contagious disease.

Former CIA case officer Robert David Steele joins the SGTReport to discuss the deadly Coronavirus, and his theories regarding its true origins.

A new report finds that the incubation period for the coronavirus may be as long as 24 days, 10 days longer than previous expected. That means that the potential size of “infected & contagious yet unaware” masses walking around (outside of China’s quarantine borders) could be substantially larger than feared.

On top of that, additional data from China’s hospitals in Wuhan show that once a patient is hospitalized, meaning their condition has become severe, the death rate is very high (~20%). More reinforcement that you want to avoid this virus if at all possible.

And yet, the stock market remains unconcerned to the pandemic threat. Another up day, despite a warning from the Council on Foreign Relations on the fragility of the US economy’s dependence on Chinese supply chains. Scary stat: 97% of all US antibiotics come from China.

Meanwhile, many regions in China are extending their ‘return to work’ deadlines as efforts to fight the outbreak continue. As we’ve been saying daily now, at some point, the markets are going to have to acknowledge the large and growing lack of economic production that is not occurring. More from Chris Martenson.

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Year Of The Bat

Black Pigeon Speaks outlines how a pandemic could end civilization as we know it.

Director of Institute of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, rejoins the program to share the institutes analysis of the Coronavirus currently sweeping through China at the time of this video. She explains how her research shows that this latest virus and many of the flu strands have characteristics pointing to a bioweapon versus a natural phenomena. She also gives advice to listeners on how to beat this virus and many others with supplements and sound healing. More from Sarah Westall on Business Game Changers.

The catalyst for WHO to declare a global pandemic over the coronavirus has just happened. We now have 18 cities — and climbing — under lockdown from the virus, most of them in China. Some nations, like Mongolia, are sealing off all of their borders in an effort to stop the spread of this contagion. Lisa Haven has more.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Epoch Times, an anti-Communist publication run by Chinese outside China, is now reporting out of Hong Kong that death counts being given by China are grossly underreporting the mortality rates. The Epoch Times says as many as 200 people are dying per day in Wuhan alone.  The Epoch Times estimated as many as 3,000 have already died, not the government’s figure of less than 200).

We’ve run a couple of videos urging people to wear face masks to help prevent the coronavirus. Guess what? The masks might not work at all. Or at best, the might only slow down the ravages of the virus. The reason? The disease as transmitted is super-small, so minute it likely can glide right through the masks. Here’s the latest you need to know, the truth with Wuhan pandemic! More from KudosMD, the channel of Vietnamese doctor Minh D. Ta.

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Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity says the mainstream media is doing an abysmal job of reporting on what might become the largest pandemic of the past century. None of the reporting is suggesting how dangerous the coronavirus might be. Instead, the news is filled with distractions — stories about Hollywood stars and the Grammy awards. The mainstream media is not only inept, but criminally so. To which we add: Write off those turkeys and come read Call Me Stormy. We’ll give the news to you straight without the shenanigans or the lies. Here, Martenson focuses on what you need to do to prepare for what’s to come.

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One myth we can dispel. The spread of the disease will not stop with the arrival of warmer weather. And we are likely at least a year away from there being an approved vaccine that could stamp out or curb the coronavirus. Those are the words of Thomas Bollyky, senior fellow for global health, economics, and development at the Council on Foreign Relations. Here, he discusses the factors behind the spread of the deadly coronavirus, a possible vaccine and the likely source of the contagion. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: European Close.”

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MedCram, which bills itself as a service providing medical lectures explained clearly, offers this update on coronavirus, its spread, quarantines, projections and vaccines. Initial estimates: The virus could easily kill 100,000 worldwide, perhaps much more if it spreads rapidly through Third World nations, like India or those in Africa, before vaccines are available. How long before we have a vaccine? Anywhere from three months to a year or more, depending on how quickly labs outside China can secure samples. Already, a lab in Australia believes it has successfully duplicated one strain of the virus.

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On Tuesday, United Airlines announced it was suspending most daily direct flights between Dulles International Airport outside Washington DC and Beijing in China, owing to many Americans canceling their flight plans. American Airlines is continuing its flights, but now allowing passengers transfers and waivers off scheduled bookings. Also, American Airlines is allowing its pilots and plane crews to wear face mask on flights to Beijing and Shanghai. British Airwaves, meanwhile, has announced it will cease all flights to China.

Also, Thailand said the government has been unable to stop the spread of the coronavirus across the nation as some 22,000 tourists from Wuhan visited Thailand in the month of January, exposing vast numbers of citizens to the virus.

Chinese War on Falun Gong

This is the story of how the CCP, or Chinese Communist Party, turned the Falun Gong into public enemy number 1. Who are the Falun Gong? Members of a popular spiritual meditation group that the CCP persecuted.  This was done by carefully manipulating an appeal made on April 25, 1999 in Zhongnanhai, Beijing, following the arrest of 45 practitioners in Tianjin. This helped launch a persecution that created the tactics you see today used against Christians, Tibetans, and Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, China. More from China Uncensored.

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Bulgaria Nixes UN Border Pact

In the first go-round, all nations across the globe approved the United Nations’ Open Borders Pact except the United States, Austria and Hungary. But then Poland and the Czech Republic joined the naysayers, and now Bulgaria and Croatia have as well. In addition, there’s rising sentiment in other European nations to reject the pact, notably in Estonia, which is close to abandoning it.

The Soros-supported pact stipulates how nations will be forced to accept migrants and thereafter treat them. A draft version of the UN’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration – or GCM pact – was given tentative approval last July. That means that nations like China, Russia and North Korea agreed to the pact – in hopes that Europe and the U.S. would blindly fall in line. And how do you think a caravan of several thousand Muslim men of fighting age would be treated at the gates of Moscow or Beijing? Welcomed with open arms and an open checkbook from the national largesse? Dream on! More from Bill Still.

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Stefan Molyneux offers an in-depth look at the UN migration compact. He says, “In December 2018, world leaders gather to sign the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration – a disaster for Western countries which virtually eliminates property rights and free speech, enshrining the right for everyone to enter Western countries and live off the taxpayer.”



Images are Solid Lead on Crash

The Chinese government released satellite images that appear to be wreckage from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. The jumbo 777 vanished mysteriously on a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers aboard. Chinese officials discovered the images–believed to be the best solid lead on the disappearance–a day following the mishap, but declined to elaborate why they held onto to them until midweek. CNN’s Tom Foreman gives a virtual explanation of how the images could very well be missing debris from the plane.

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