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Candy Crowley’s Walkback

Candy Crowley, Presidential debate moderator, stepped into a pile of camel doo when she jumped smackdab into the fray and seconded President Obama’s assertions on Libya. Most journalists are just as egotistic and self-centered as Crowley and also card-carrying, certifiably moonbat liberals. But the few remaining professionals in this discredited trade try to feign impartiality and refrain from acting like a shill for one political camp or the other. Not Candy. She was clearly serving double-duty last night, blowing a referee’s whistle at the same time she was cheerleading for Obama.

She had already interrupted Mitt Romney 28 times, allotted the president 11 percent more facetime in the debate and stacked the deck with questions that might as well have been Democratic talking points, with all the focus on lady parts, downtrodden aliens, reincarnating George Bush and banning assault guns.

Be that as it may, it’s hardly shocking that Crowley is now doing an about-face and channeling Emily Litella’s immortal words: “Never mind.” Crowley isn’t sorry that she flubbed up. She’s only worried that she did so in such a flagrantly foul way that can be so easily discredited and is certain to cause blowback for her employer, CNN, which is already hemorrhaging viewership.

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This would be more disconcerting, if not for the fact that the public has caught on to the Lamestream Media’s distortions. Even with Obama and Crowley forming a tag-team, Mitt Romney continues to win the confidence of more undecided voters. View the comments of undecided voters in post-debate focus groups assembled by two diametrically opposite networks — MSNBC and Fox News.

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Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Next Media Animation scored the debate as a victory for Obama, hitting softballs from Crowley. Dig her muumuu and super-sized M&M sidekick.

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