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Shake Up the Art Establishment

The most incisive and iconoclastic art critic of our time, Camille Paglia, sits down with InstaVision‘s Glenn Reynolds to discuss her new book Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars. Among the topics covered:

  • Why do many Americans hold modern and abstract art in such open contempt?
  • Have academics put art in a straightjacket by denying the vital importance of classical imagery, notably sacred and religious imagery, while promoting second-rate, secular, “shock” art?
  • Is George Lucas our greatest living artist?
  • Has the Democratic Party strayed from its roots by becoming bloated and statist, pushing a form of big government that threatens our liberties and personal rights?

Paglia is always entertaining as well as provocative, so even if you’re a cultural boob, there are some real nuggets of thought to glean from this interview. H/T PJTV

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