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Zo’s Last Word

Many fine video blogs will go by the wayside when PJ Media shuts down operations. Among the casualties is the venerable Alfonzo Rachel and his lively dose of “Zonation.” After seven years, “Zonation” is coming to an end but, Rachel says, “the work to rock the gospel is not done. I started doing these videos, because I clear and saw how the entertainment industry was the instrument used to steer the country leftward.” Listen to Zo’s message in this final episode of “Zonation.”

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A Heartfelt Goodbye to Trifecta

After seven years on the Internet producing a variety of shows, the vaunted “Trifecta” crew of Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green join forces for an emotional final episode on PJTV. In closing, the trio reflect on their favorite moments and their political identities as part of this great show.

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The whine-and-blame Millenials

Millenials are well on their way to becoming our weirdest generation yet, terrified to face our ever-changing and challenging world today. Why? The Baby Boomers screwed it up for them, they claim. But instead of taking matters into their own hands and aspiring to improve their world, Millenials have turned to the whine-and-blame game, taking on movements such as Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter. Can you imagine what the next generation is going to think of them? PJTV boomers Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle take on this delicate subject in this edition of “Klavan & Whittle.”

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Is GOP Election Process Rigged?

Rumors continue to persist that the GOP is working at a fever pitch to deny frontrunner Donald Trump the nomination by changing the rules and using underhanded methods at statewide caucuses and primaries. So what gives? The “Trifecta” crew of Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott discuss the alleged skullduggery in this edition of PJTV.

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Bernie’s Politics Of Envy

During a recent speaking engagement at a progressive high school, political commentator Bill Whittle encountered a wave of questions about socialism and the Bernie Sanders movement. Hear Whittle’s conservative response, especially his address to Sanders’ regressive tax proposal, in this edition of “Afterburner” on PJTV.

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Eve Of Destruction

PJTV host John Phillips hosts “Up or Down,” featuring, among other things, questions about the effect of Donald Trump possibly being dumped by the GOP and whether Sarah Palin returning to TV is a good thing. Join a celebrity panel in giving thumbs up or thumbs down.

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How Society Became So Stupid

Political commentator Bill Whittle says we’re in the age of the 2-minute attention span, in the era of The Great Unlearning. This conclusion was amply demonstrated recently at one of Whittle’s favorite restaurants when he overheard a young man espousing the conspiracy theory that the moon landing was a fake. “We live in the age of The Great Unlearning, a time when more and more people simply walk away from the library of hard-won knowledge and achievement because they’re bored with it.” How did Americans become so stupid? Whittle explains in this edition of “Afterburner” on PJTV.

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The Blame Game

One of the most annoying refrains emanating from the progressive left is that America is and always has been responsible for slavery. Nonsense. Especially since slavery was practiced long before America was founded and is still alive in many countries today.

Says conservative video blogger Alfonzo Rachel, “There really are people who think that slavery began with America, and that same mindset says that America is responsible for the problems we’re having with Islam,” Rachel says. “It doesn’t matter to them that Islam has been cutting up people and cutting up each other for over 1,000 years before America was even thought about.” So why do we get all the blame? Rachel tells us why in the edition of “Zonation” on PJTV.

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A Battle for the Cheeseheads

The great state of Wisconsin is the next battleground site on Tuesday in the race for the White House. The GOP field will be chasing 42 delegates, and most recent polls have Ted Cruz slightly ahead of Donald Trump. Eighty-six delegates are up for grabs on the Democrat side, where socialist candidate Bernie Sanders has closed Hillary Clinton’s once-commanding lead considerably. PJTV host John Phillips analyzes the numbers in this special edition of “Poll Position.”

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Poll Disses President Obama

The terror attacks in Brussels has escalated the anxiety among Americans over terrorism and ISIS. A CNN/ORC poll reveals that 74 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with our progress in the war on terror, and a majority are blaming President Obama’s lackadaisical response. The poll further shows 60 percent disapprove Obama’s handling of the war on terror, and a whopping 64 percent say he’s doing a terrible job with ISIS. So who do Americans trust? Host John Phillips breaks down the poll numbers in this edition of “Poll Position” on PJTV.

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