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Is Obama Coming for Our Guns

Colion Noir, budding attorney and firearms aficionado, says gun advocates can expect to be “fighting an invisible ghost” over the next four years. “If President Obama is coming for our guns, we won’t know about it until we know about it. It won’t be outright anti-gun legislation. It will be Trojan horse legislation, legislation which will be innocent enough on its face, but in its enforcement will have substantial impact on our Second Amendment rights.”

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One thought on “Is Obama Coming for Our Guns

  1. You do realize that the rest of the world looks at the US and the proliferation of guns and just shakes their collective head.

    Over 12000 firearm related deaths per year is seriously OUT OF CONTROL.

    And don’t tell me that “it’s people who kill not guns”.

    You guys seriously need to take a look at yourselves if you think innocents being killed is OK: perhaps it’s an infringement of THEIR right to life!

    Just my thoughts on the subject, for what it’s worth 😉


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