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Femen Bruises Its Own Image

For several months running now, we’ve celebrated the protests by Femen, the topless feminists of Ukraine. What’s not to like about beautiful, naked women taking it to the streets to express themselves freely?

But whoever was behind Femen’s aborted protest yesterday in Paris needs to rethink what they were trying to accomplish strategically. A traditional Catholic group, Civitas, staged a march to support the time-honored concept of marriage being a holy and sanctified ceremony uniting a man and a woman.

Femen staged a counter-protest in support of gay marriage. The Femen protesters went topless, but wore nuns’ habits. They sprayed the Catholics with some sort of white powder, supposedly representing semen. Eventually, the Catholics took umbrage, and a few of them kicked a few Femen asses, not only landing blows captured by the throng of media present, but also labeling the Femen as “putas.”

In this case, the backlash was well-deserved. You don’t score points by being as offensive as Femen was yesterday, or pushing your disdain for religion right in the faces of believers, including showering them with a white spray. That’s just dumb, because whatever New Order you’re pushing, it’s just more of the same Old Order you’re trying to depose. Get a clue or get lost.

First, a video showing how the confrontation went down, from Femen’s standpoint.

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Now, a second look, with the semen powder flying, chaos ensuing and Femen not looking quite so innocent or beguiling as they flee a firestorm of their own creation.

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