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France Turns To Populist Right

France is turning to the populist right! The nation’s Leftist president, Emmanuel Macron, is hitting the panic button as Marine Le Pen is surging in all of the latest polls. We are now about a year off from the first rounds of voting in the April 2022 election. More from Steve Turley.

Birds Of Prey

Olivier Dassault, a French lawmaker and son of deceased aviation billionaire Serge Dassault, has died in a helicopter crash. French President Emmanuel Macron called it a “great loss” to the country. Here, In Pursuit of Truth examines the death and explores how it might affect evolving relations between China and India, as well as Iran.

Grafitti Of The Knights Templar

The assumption that first-hand evidence of the Knights Templars’ mysteries was erased along with the structure of their organization has been perpetuated by so many Templar books, that many researchers, scholars included, entirely ignore or skate-over the fact that the Templars actually did leave behind some startling indications of their thoughts in the form of stone-carved graffiti in prisons where they were held following the suppression in 1307. There is some in the dungeon at Warwick Castle in England and at Chinon castle in France.

Could there be secret messages coded into these strange carvings, left behind by desperate Templars? More from Zohar Stargate’s Ancient Discoveries.


Twitter Condemned Worldwide

Leaders of nations across the planet, including Angela Merkel in Germany, Emmanuel Macron of France and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico, have issued stinging condemnations against Twitter for its decision to blackball President Donald Trump, removing his account and all of his Tweets. This is a nearly universal rebuke to Twitter.

It reflects the fears of these world leaders that if Twitter can exert such blatant censorship against the President of the United States, the platform and its creepy leader Jack Dorsey will feel perfectly entitled to do the same knee-jerk blacklisting against any world leader anytime and anywhere Twitter chooses. It’s so flagrantly phony and wrong, it’s hard to picture how Twitter thought they could get away with such Fascism. The company’s stock price has dropped three straight days. Let’s hope it continues to plummet! More from Steve Turley.

Here, journalist Glenn Greenwald explains to Tucker Carlson on Fox News why this move by Twitter has stirred such a swift backlash across the globe.

Twitter COMPLAINS that Uganda banned the website even though Twitter has been BANNING thousands of conservatives since banning President Donald Trump. The Internet responds as people NUKE Twitter with SPICY memes as Twitter’s stock price COLLAPSES. More from Mr. Obvious.

We close with Greg Gutfeld from the Fox News program The Five, discussing how the same Leftist entities that were so silent about the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots last summer are now having conniption fits over what happened at the U.S. Capitol. Gutfeld explains the position of most conservatives — we stand against the destruction of people’s homes and business just as strongly as we stand against shenanigans at the U.S. Capitol. None of this violence, whether carried out by those on the left or those on the right, should be permitted or excused or embraced. More from the Next News Network.

China’s Thermostat Caper

Dr. Cynthia McKinney, a moderate, former six-term Democratic member of the House who was more than likely cheated out of her seventh win by electronic voting-machine fraud, tells Robert David Steele that the Democrat Party in Georgia rigged a “smart thermostat” to allow the Chinese to link into the election system and fool with the results.

Steele, a former CIA case officer, added that China learned more than 30 years ago how to use electrical connections to penetrate computers. It’s as easy as going to Best Buy and purchasing a part to connect to your router, he says. “The Chinese, the Germans, the French and the Spanish were all, in someway, involved in election fraud.”

MCkinney, who was the Green Party’s Presidential nominee in 2008 and today is an ardent Trump supporter, also gives her take on the President’s post-election options, the recent revelation that Jeffrey Epstein is alive and the future of the country.

No Evidence of COVID Mutation

Scientists are refuting rumors of a dangerous COVID-19 mutation in Europe. The mutation, which is said to be 70 percent more powerful than COVID-19, has already led to mass shutdowns in the United Kingdom, France and Canada, despite no evidence of a more severe outbreak.

American immunologist Kizzmekia Corbett told Zero Hedge blog that the world is going to hear about many variant viruses because they mutate by nature. “But a couple of amino acids is not the same as a whole new virus strain in the way that we’ve been taught to think about flu,” she says. Corbett calls it selective pressure, where as the virus transmits, it learns how to be better at transmitting. Unfortunately, she says, there will be enough genetic diversity in the variant viruses to render the current vaccines useless.

Here’s more choice analysis by Josh Sigurdson on World Alternative Media.

Brunel An Animal With Girls

Jean-Luc Brunel, French modeling agent and alleged lynchpin of a global underage sex ring organized by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, has been arrested. French authorities arrested Brunel at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris as he prepared to board a flight Dakar, Senegal.

According to a Daily Mail source, “The suspect is being held in relation to rape, sexual assault, criminal conspiracy and human trafficking, and all the allegations involve minors.” He is also suspected of being one of Epstein’s top recruiters of young girls for the New York billionaire’s infamous sex parties.

In the following segment with British investigative journalist Shaun Attwood, French vlogger Frederic Ponton, who says Brunel’s reputation on the sex-trafficking scene labeled him an animal with girls, fills us in on his arrest, a bit of his history and the lurid details of his encounters with Epstein and his confidant, Ghislaine Maxwell.





Vaccine Dissidents

I start with Public Health officials making a startling admission, then I move to 4 more examples of persecution of people who are questioning the government’s Big Pharma response to COVID, and then I go through who “they” are. Who is it behind the persecution, censorship & vaccine narrative??? More from Amazing Polly.


Drawing more cartoons won’t stop this. More from Paul Joseph Watson, delving into the Jihadist decapitations of French citizens and an incident in Great Britain where an Islamist destroyed a Christian cross on top of a church. Where are the defenders of the Christian faith?

The French President Emmanuel Macron has cracked down on radical Islam in the aftermath of this latest wave of violence and savage butchery. Is he turning to the nationalist right or simply trying to look tough to save his own skin? More from Steve Turley.

The Safari Club

Whistleblower Alan Howell Parrot says that an alternate CIA known as the Safari Club was created during the 1970s and controlled by John Brennan, Richard Clark and Joe Biden. Parrot, a former CIA operative, who recently created a political firestorm after exposing Biden’s alleged role with the deaths of Seal Team 6 members, says Osama bin Laden was the figurehead manifestation of the alternate CIA, so they had to protect him in their bad judgement.

The gestation of the Safari Club, Parrot says, came during the Church Commission, a U.S. Senate select committee in 1975 that investigated abuses by the CIA, NSA, FBI an IRS. Deeper research reveals that the purpose of the Safari Club was to oppose Soviet influence by supporting anti-Communists. A noble cause, but it gets darker. The group’s long-range goal was to a create a one-world government that they would control.

It’s a global-inception concept that they’ve already created, using troops from Morocco and Egypt, and technology from France. Other assets include mining-operation interests, aka underground cities and deep underground military bases. And, shockingly, they are investing in apartheid. Says investigative YouTube blogger Riss Flex, “That’s segregation from races. Biden never changed. All those racial articles and videos of him resurfacing from his past … this explains why the Democrats are funding race riots.”

The intel allegations places Biden in a precarious situation, proving that he committed treason and possibly disqualifying him from seeking the presidency. Flex opines that the whole matter appears to be a pre-arranged concoction by the Democrats and the Safari Club to dump Biden. “Whether they do it through the 25th amendment or whether they do it by ousting him because he technically committed treason, there’s no way that Joe Biden can be President if he wins,” Flex says.

In the following video, Flex also discusses how the Safari Club was financed by a small Pakistani bank, approved by former CIA Director and later President George H.W. Bush. And, according to Parrot, the bank also bankrolled bin Laden’s terror rampage and solicited the business of every terrorist, rebel and underground organization in the world.

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