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When the Chips Are Down

The Northside school district in San Antonio, Texas, has won November’s Nanny of the Month Award for its decision requiring students to wear electronic tracking devices. The students actually wear radio frequency identification chips (RFID chips, for short) that can be monitored from dozens of electronic readers installed in schools’ ceiling panels to keep tabs on the kiddos during the schoolday.

With school-based tracking going back to at least 2004, the Lone Star State has been something of an RFID trailblazer. In fact, Northside is considering expanding the program to cover all of the district’s 97,000 students.

Reason.TV named two runners-up for the Nanny of the Month Award:

* The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where administrators may ban booze in dorms — even for students of legal drinking age.

* The city of Chicago, where officials are using GPS devices to track food trucks to make sure they don’t wander within 200 feet of any fixed businesses that sell food, including convenience stores. Violators could face fines of $2,000.

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