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Here We Go Again

Almost like clockwork, Leftists are trying once again to ban Grand Theft Auto, claiming the video game has inspired a new generation of carjackings. If you seem to remember this happening before, indeed it has. But today’s Leftists are resurrecting the same censorship moves they always push, this time to solve problems involving increased crime in the city of Chicago. Why protect that city? The Democrats are destroying it as we speak. More from The Salty Cracker.

COVID Hypocrites

Just hours after signing an executive order requiring masks on federal property, President Biden and his family broke the new rule by posing maskless in front of the Lincoln Memorial. It’s a pattern of cheating (Where have we heard this before?) among politicians across the country.

You’ve heard of California Gov. Gavin Newsom attending a birthday party at the chic French Laundry Restaurant in Yountville, Calif., Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done at a San Francisco hair salon and New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio dancing the night away in Times Square on New Year’s Eve–all of them breaking COVID rules they imposed. Then there’s Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves, who hosted three Christmas parties that broke his state’s guidance and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, busted for her visit to a hairstylist during a virus outbreak. Her excuse, “I’m the public face of this city. I’m on national media and out in the public eye.” Hypocrites, all of them!

Says John Stossel, “It seems that life can return to normal only if you’re a politician.” Here’s more of his report.

Get Ready For The Final Act!

Sometimes we’re told it’s all a movie! That all the political drama we see is the same as the narration that drives a Hollywood blockbuster. If so, we are surely approaching the Final Act! How surprising how many cities — New York, Chicago, Washington DC — have finally decided to life coronavirus restrictions now that Joe Biden is in office. Enforcing the coronavirus lockdowns was never justified for health reasons, but simply to try to destroy President Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishment — his robust economy. Of course, most Americans know the Democrats are lying Leftists! But what are they going to do now that their Satanic strongholds are being Demolished! More from And We Know.

Their deceptions are so obvious now! Notice how everything changes now that their spells have been broken? Josh from the Flat Earth Brothers channel joins me to discuss the phony President and many other obvious deceptions. More from the SGTReport.

The [Central Bankers] believe they have the green light for The Great Reset. The trap has been set. Lior Gantz discusses how the economy will not be able to move forward with Joe Biden. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

Salon Owner Refutes Pelosi

Erica Kious denies Nancy Pelosi’s claim that she was set up after video surfaces of the House speaker’s maskless visit to a San Francisco hair salon. More from Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

Nancy Pelosi is demanding a formal apology. This is not right. She’s offended. More from The United Spot.

Demonstrators gather outside Nancy Pelosi’s posh San Francisco pad. They string up blow dryers and curlers in the tree in front of her home. These women actually look like women, not like Democratic frauds. More from Lasse Burholt.

Pelosi is in good company among the Democrats. None of them follow the edicts and orders they impose on regular citizens. Remember when Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot also decided she needed her hair done. This was back in April at the height of the coronavirus hysteria.

And before anyone says we are just picking on women, what about the Democratic governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, entertaining guests with a night of live music and dining — all while insisting Nevada restaurants and nightclubs endure coronavirus restrictions? Face it, the Democrats could care less how much economic damage or personal hardship they cause. They do not follow the draconian regulations they impose on others. Cheap shit con artists!



Chicago Mayor Bans Protests

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is banning protests. At least, she’s banning anyone from staging a protest by her home! Of course, it’s just fine if the Chicago thugs cross over the state line and trash Kenosha, Wisconsin. More from Sinatra Says.

Trump Hits Highest Approval

Joe Biden didn’t see a bounce in his popularity from the Democratic National Convention, but President Donald Trump is surging as the Republican National Convention draws to a close. The latest nationwide polls show Trump hitting new highs of 52 percent, and leading Biden in many of the swing states, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida.

Trump’s approval among blacks and Hispanics is pushing above 33 percent. Even in Minnesota, which hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential contender in more than 50 years, Trump is now tied with the pedophile Biden.

In other words, the Black Lives Matter riots are killing the Democrats. The public is getting really pissed off and placing the blame squarely on the radical Leftists. Even Don Lemon is calling for the riots to end!  More from Steve Turley.

Professor Helmut Norpoth, a professor of political science at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York, has made his prediction on the Nov. 3rd presidential election.
Norpoth, who correctly predicted the outcome of the 2016 election 10 days before it occurred, says that Donald Trump now has a 91% chance of beating Jumpin’ Joe Biden on Nov. 3rd.

Norpoth has correctly predicted the eventual winner of 5 of the last 6 elections. He missed only in the 2000 election when he predicted that Al Gore would defeat George W. Bush. That election was one of the closest in American history and literally hung on hanging chads. More from Bill Still.

Trump’s climb in the poll numbers is most pronounced in Wisconsin, where citizens are infuriated by the Chicago Leftists coming into Kenosha and igniting violent and destructive riots. Locals in Kenosha are furious that their Democrat leaders are nowhere to be found as the riots erupt.

One man said he was uninterested and on the fence but now because of the riots he is being pushed to Trump. Another woman claimed she wanted Trump to lose but was angry that the mayor was nowhere to be found. For too long Democrats have cheered for and supported the rioters and even now they still do even when polling in Wisconsin flips for Trump.

They can’t help themselves and regular people have had enough. Some say they won’t vote and others say they will now vote Trump and Republican due to the chaos. More from Tim Pool.

Our favorite Australian pundit, Meme the Left, puts it more succinctly. The Left, he says, “are so completely fucked.” Covid-19 fears are falling and approval for President Donald Trump is surging. The swing state polls spell impending doom for the Democrats.


BLM: Chaos Is For Reparations

Black Lives Matter and a multitude of their sympathizers on the radical left have changed their narrative on the rioting, looting and murder that’s gripping our nation. For weeks they told everyone that there was no such thing as rioting and looting. They claimed the protests were orderly and peaceful.

Then they owned up to the unrest, but qualified their rhetoric by adding people are only doing this to feed their families. And now, with the escalation of violence and craziness in Chicago last week, they came right out and said the chaos was reparations for slavery. Here’s the rest of this nutty story with Salty Cracker.

New York: Down The Crapper

New York has always flirted with disaster. After the first bowery went south, we saw an expanding red-light district and ghettos. But Mayor Rudy Guiliani cleaned those up,  leaving New York City looking nice and feeling safe for residents as well as tourists.

Not Mayor Bill De Blasio. His reign has led to rapid growth in crime as well as homelessness. The man has transformed New York City into a veritable shithole. New York might as well have The Joker or Riddler as mayor. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, looters allowed to rampage by Mayor Lori Lightfoot attacked a Ronald McDonald House while terminally ill children and their parents were inside. Someone should ask Lightfoot: Who do you represent? You’re the slob putting these children in harm’s way by your failure to quell Chicago’s riots. Are you a mayor or just another skanky Socialist?



Now They All Lose

Why has it taken so long to bring the guilty to justice? Because the Deep State is wide… and deep. And the patriots under President Donald Trump did not want to push a few show trials, but instead to dredge the corrupt Deep State. People are waking up and smelling the coffee. Here, the X22 Report delves into the widespread corruption in Ukraine and the many signs of China interfering with American elections and siding with the radical Democrats.

President Donald Trump has applied the checkmate upon the Democratic cheaters. Now, it’s time for those disgraced politicians to all fall down. More from The Patriot Hour.

A quick public service announcement. Some info on the Pharmaceutical middle men who may come after POTUS. Congressional FBI liar — Andrew McCabe — revealed. Sen. Ron Johnson sends multiple subpoenas to FBI Director Christopher Wray and others. Plus some additional tidbits from RedPill78.

It’s go time! Time to right the [Deep State] wrongs. President Donald Trump is turning over the tables, same as Jesus did in the Biblical story where he runs the Pharisees out of the Temple.

The Biblical reference is appropriate. Where have we seen explosions and fires in recent days? Lebanon, United Arab Republic, China, Iran, France, England and Russia. Take the capital letters that start the names of each nation and spell them out, and you get: L-U-C-I-F-E-R, or Lucifer. In other words, we are seeing Biblical times! More from And We Know.

Did they just attack the White House? JustInformed Talk discusses the takedown of an armed man — a possible assassin — at an entrance to the White House.


The Silent Majority No More

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media believe they control the narrative. They do not. The silent majority is watching and observing, the pandemic response, the riots and the corrupt politicians’ actions. A judge ordered [Ghislaine Maxwell] files be revealed. Trump pivots on masks and traps the [DS]. Mayors are exposed and the CDC corrects the number of cases and deaths after hospitals were ordered to send the data to DC. It’s time to fly the flag. It’s time show who the silent majority is. It’s time We The People take the control back. More from the X22 Report.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to be warning President Donald Trump, using words that can be insinuated as an assassination threat. What is the point of this ploy? Are the Democrats serious or have they just lost their minds? Meanwhile, Twitter scrubs thousands of accounts, including Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion. Is it time to hide in plain sight? More from Lori Colley.

Whatever President Donald Trump does, the Marxists in the Democratic Party will try to block him. Even the Supreme Court didn’t see this coming! More from Black Conservative patriot, touching upon China, Chicago, Pompeo and the vodka-addled Scourge Pelosi.

Are they purging all dissent off social media? Jack Dorsey and Twitter have annihilated thousands of accounts. Obviously, they think we live in Communist China. More from JustInformed Talk.

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