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Another Insane Day in Ukraine

Tempers boiled over for a second day in Ukraine’s parliament as pro-government and opposition deputies clashed over a move to reinstate a controversial prime minister. While waves of deputies wrestled or exchanged fisticuffs, others climbed atop tables to shout down their detractors.

Conspicuously absent from the melee: World boxing champion Vitali Klitschko and leader of the UDAR reform party.  He reported for duty as usual at the parliament, but calmly watched the skirmishes from the sidelines. Explaining his rationale for not getting embroiled in the fight, he said, “You could call the fists of a world champion a nuclear weapon. I don’t think we will use this weapon yet.”

Maybe we should entice Klitschko to Washington, D.C. to knock some sense into our own political leaders, who seem hellbent on pushing us off the Fiscal Cliff. If he can appear cool and collected amid the chaos in Ukraine, we sincerely doubt Nancy Pelosi is going to rustle his jimmies. More from On Demand News.

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