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The Parkland Story

The Truth Factory not only looks at the school shooting in Parkland, but travels back in time to an earlier shooting that occurred in Broward County, Florida, a year earlier. In that case, the shooter, Esteban Santiago, reported hearing voices and claimed that the CIA was attempting to brainwash him. That brings us to nowadays, when Nikolas Cruz — also hearing voices — unleashed an attack on a Parkland school, killing 17 students.

Cruz had reportedly been identified as a threat and a potential shooter 45 times in calls placed to the Broward County sheriff and the FBI. But both those law enforcement agencies never dealt with him, or tried to stop the carnage. Rather than mass gun control, it seems perhaps we just need half-way decent law enforcement and a plan that institutionalizes those who are dangerous and mentally ill. In the end, citizens need their guns because they sure cannot rely on corrupt, lying and cowardly cops like Scott Israel, the Broward County sheriff.


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