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Truth About Internet Censorship

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar. You’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” That’s a strike against censorship from the noted author George R.R. Martin. Obviously, neither Facebook nor Twitter — nor YouTube for that matter — holds the same beliefs. All practice rampant and insidious censorship. Here, The Truth Factory dishes out the truth on Internet censorship.

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Secret Agenda Behind BLM

What’s the secret agenda behind Black Lives Matter? How is this radical terrorist group attached to Joe Biden, George Soros and other stalwarts of the Democratic Party? Let’s turn to a hip cat to find out. More from The Truth Factory.

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CNN Blames White People

As ANTIFA (a Far-Left organization) continues to riot, destroy and burn cities down across America, CNN deflects the blame on white people and online trolls. You can always count on CNN for its journalistic prowess. More from Mr. Obvious.

The Truth Factory offers some pithy commentary on the riots and the many weird, even bizarre twists they have taken. While police brutality remains an issue, it affects every race and the officers in this case were multiracial. So it’s not exactly clear how this one incident has now mushroomed to spark hundreds of riots and scores of deaths nationwide, involving both police and protestors.

The one explanation that seems true: These were riots stoked for political purposes by a mainstream media that veers decisively to the Left and welcomes this kind of violence for enhanced ratings.

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All Roads Lead To Fauci

Anthony Fauci and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus worked together. They are corrupt. Trump stopped the funding of the WHO because he knew they were behind the Covid-19 event. All roads lead to Fauci and Wuhan. This was a planned event. More in an Uncensored Report from the X22 Report.

Watch the entire story of the Chloroquine Lady and her husband unfold, as we recount the first time we revealed the exclusive information about her, our phone calls to NBC reporters, and predicting the (alleged) murder of her husband long before the investigation opened. More from Louder with Crowder.

“Death science” operators like Dr. Fauci have been deeply involved in funding the development of bioengineering research that led to the creation (and release) of the Wuhan Coronavirus, which has now killed at least a quarter of a million people worldwide. Our society sentences murderers to death after they’ve killed a single person. What should be the consequences dealt out to those who conspired to build deadly biological weapons that indiscriminately killed hundreds of thousands of people? David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!

The Truth Factory is back with a video too hot for YouTube to handle. It opens with the lies of China and the World Health Organization, and gets spicier from there. The video is called COVID-1984.

Made In China

What’s the first rule of the virus club? You don’t talk about the virus club.  More from The Truth Factory.

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Jamie Dlux brings us Ventilator! Are New York City hospitals offing patients so they can reap more COVID-19 money? Creepy times!

Wrong again, doctor! Mark Dice reviews the many journalists and even medical doctors who have falsely claimed UV light can’t help control the coronavirus. These are people who aren’t aware of their own professions, let alone what’s happening in China, where UV light was definitely among the weapons used to fight COVID-19.

The viral video of Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi’s Covid-19 press conference is missing . . . from YouTube. But it’s still on the web? Can you find it? Take James Corbett’s challenge and find the video, save the video to your hard drive, and then tell other people how you did it in today’s hands-on edition of The Corbett Report.



Quebec’s Black Market Babies

The Truth Factory explores a topic seldom covered: The illegal, black market sale of babies born to single mothers in Quebec. Many of the infants were sold at huge profits by unscrupulous racketeers. Who supplied these kids? Often Catholic orphanages, sometimes the mothers themselves were tricked into giving up their children. The buyers did not only include Canadians, but many American families, not always practicing Catholics. This is a hard-hitting documentary, exploring aspects of social history that are rarely told. The full title of the video is The Great Darkness: The Children of MK-Ultra.

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The CIA And The Finders Cult

The Finders cult, first exposed in the 1980s, practiced ritual abuse against children. Only recently has it become clear that this organization also had a deep-seated connection with the CIA. Here, The Truth Factory explores the shameful ties that bind.

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Derrick Broze breaks down a second FBI document dump related to The Finders cult. More from The Conscious Resistance.

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Shine A Light On Them

The [DeepState]/Democrats just ran out of ammunition. The fake impeachment has fallen apart. The D’s are having problem with the Iowa Caucus. It seems shadow players are involved. Tom Fitton gets hit by the Washington Post. Fitton fights back.  Rand Paul reads his question in front the Senate. Emails surface that have to do with Seth Rich, even though the FBI says there was no investigation. The mainstream media is pushing technology that can show which pics and videos are fake and what is real. More from the X22 Report.

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There’s no other way to characterize the Democrats’ caucus results in Iowa than as a slow-motion car wreck.  Unless you want to call it a slow-motion train wreck! Let’s all pray for Rush Limbaugh: One of the most observant and honest pundits of our time. More from RedPill78.

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Checkmate! [Deep State] is falling apart. Democrats can’t wrap up the crooked Iowa caucuses. The mainstream media clowns are imploding. Q proofs are important. More from And We Know.

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The Democrats are stealing elections again. Vincent James at The Red Elephants discusses the Iowa caucus corruption. It’s a doozy, as Democrats still didn’t have a clue who won a day after the voting ended. Turns out several former Hillary Clinton aides were attached to the company — Shadow — that produced the bogus results. Is she trying to sew dissension or pave a way for her triumphant return to save the floundering Democratic Party? (EDITOR’S NOTE: Around 9 pm Tuesday night  — a full day late — the Democrats released their first preliminary Iowa caucus numbers. With 62 percent of the vote counted, C-I-Gay candidate Pete Buttigieg had 27 percent, Bernie Sanders 25 percent, Elizabeth Warren 18 percent and Joe Biden 16 percent. Amy Klobuchar was placing fifth. The other candidates trailed significantly, so some will probably withdraw soon.)

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Who needs the lying Democrats when you can interview The Truth Cat? That’s exactly what happens on this new edition of The Edge of Wonder as the cat from The Truth Factory makes a special guest appearance. They get into all kinds of discussions: Trump, impeachment, time travel. Watch it right meow!

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Truth Factory Tonight

The Truth Factory might be a talking pussy. But at least she’s not a Democrat!

Learn more about impeachment in this episode, with special guests from The Edge of Wonder.

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Meanwhile, it looks like the Democrats are fighting among themselves over impeachment. Chinastein — that’s Sen. Dianne Feinstein — is demanding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi send the articles of impeachment over to the Senate. More from Lions Republic Entertainment.

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The Climate Agenda

We all can see how the Globalists are pushing the climate agenda to advance their wild schemes. How much of what they are saying is actually true? How much is just bull-pucky attached to their grandiose and manipulative power-grabbing? The Truth Factory weighs in on the debate.

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