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Save the Lithuanian Judge

President Donald Trump should block the proposed extradition of Lithuanian judge Neringa Venckiene.  Now being held in a Chicago jail, the judge came to the United States in 2013 seeking political asylum. She is wanted in her homeland on charges relating to her exposing a pedophile ring preying upon her four-year-old cousin.

Lithuania is an ally, but Trump needs to show some decency — and American muscle — in fighting the pedophiles. So far, he has not risen up to defend Venckiene, and in our book, if he is lax, that raises serious doubts about whether his anti-pedophile policies are real or just a big sham.

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Here is a more in-depth account of Venckiene’s situation. Her son made an appeal on YouTube trying to get people to sign a White House petition to protect Venckiene. The petition fell short of the 100,000 signature requirement, with only 39.957 signatures secured. The main reason for the shortfall: YouTube/Google removed the video explaining the petition request. That’s right, once again Google/YouTube proved to be vile, disgusting companies that look out for pedophiles, while censoring free speech.

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Want to see the video that YouTube removed? Here it is, as originally posted by Venckiene’s 18-year-old son Karolis Venckus. We’re not sure what compelled the Google/YouTube decision. You have to wonder why these companies seem so under the thumb of pedophiles. And whether they respect free speech rights in the slightest. If this is how they intend to proceed in the future, it’s time to bust up these ugly monopolies, and ensure more open competition on the Internet.

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Even Philip DeFranco picked up the story in March, but couldn’t pronounce any of the Lithuanian names so he simply calls Neringa Venckiene “NK.” Still, a look down the rabbit hole…

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And to read more about the story, visit the Daily Caller here.



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