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What the Establishment Fears

The Data Society’s connections map literally outlines exactly what the establishment fears. It is terrified because that map is diverse and shows that people of all colors and creeds, straight and gay, from many nations, and of many ideologies, all hate globalism and oppose global tyranny and censorship. It’s a literal map of the major competition facing off against a globally abusive Neoliberal juggernaut of corporations, banks, and established political groups. Styxhexenhammer666 has more.

Here is the Computing Forever video that Styx referenced. What’s clear from the Data Society map? Its creator, Becca Lewis, is just a Communist retard. There’s really not much connection at all among the more than 80 content creators she singled out as representing the alt-Right. They are just individualists who don’t toe the straight and narrow Communist line, like the Becca Lewis idiots do. Her process shows exactly what’s wrong with the Left. They don’t think at all, they don’t express their differences or what they observe: They just find out the party line and all mouth the same bullshit.

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