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Vaccine Passports

Face it: Vaccine passports were always part of the plan. Why are we seeing pandemics now? So vaccines can be enforced. And why do the elite want vaccines? To change our biological composition, pushing us another step closer to servitude. More from Computing Forever.

Musings From Dystopia

Yesterday’s youth encouraged free thinking and even open rebellion. Nowadays, youths seems to have settled into a pattern of blind obedience to authority. How did everything change? More from Computing Forever.

Health Passports

European countries, including Ireland, are now weighing whether to require citizens to get a coronavirus vaccine in order to have authority to travel by lane or enter a football stadium or even show up for work. So what used to be viewed as conspiracy theory is now becoming a hard, cold reality. More from Computing Forever.

This Is Where We Are Now

Computing Forever explores the response to coronavirus in Ireland, the Isle of Man and across the United Kingdom. Travel restrictions and lockdowns are the norm, sometimes quite stringent and draconian.

The Isle of Man, with a population around 80,000, has more freedoms than other regions, but this comes after some rather heavy battering down of the people by authorities. The question remains: Are these residents really free? Or have they just become more docile after all the harassment?

The Rise of China

Computing Forever explores the rise of China, implemented through draconian police enforcement of coronavirus nonsense and the Davos agenda, dedicated to establishing a New World Order.

Mass Disobedience Spreads

Let’s travel to Italy where 50,000 restaurants have re-opened, defying coronavirus lockdown orders. Of course, you don’t see news of this uprising on your television sets. The news is broadcast, meaning, it’s all a pack of lies. More from Computing Forever.

Goodbye YouTube

Irish content creator Dave Cullen, the man behind Computing Forever, offers his reflections after being kicked off YouTube. He says he feels liberated and predicts all of the gross censorship occurring now will backfire on the bastards over in Silicon Valley. Let’s hope so!

Meanwhile, Mark Dice remains on YouTube, but while he’s a megastar with millions of followers, even he is seeing more of his videos banned as the Leftists swing into high gear. Here, he offers us a look at the history of fake news. You see, the mainstream media has perfected the art of lying for many decades now.  Watch this one soon, because who knows if it can survive or stand for long!

Attack On The Capitol

The events at the U.S. Capitol have less to do with the Left vs Right and more to do with Us vs Them. Get ready for more censoring of the internet and shunning of people from society. We are now entering the beginning stages of the Chinese system of censorship.

In two short years, social media companies went from promising a one-time exception to ban Alex Jones to banning Donald Trump, the sitting President of the United States. It looks like that slippery slope was pretty steep. If you thought cancel culture was bad before, just wait to see what is coming. The attack on the Capitol will inevitably become just another attack on your rights. More from WhatsHerFace.

Outside the U.S. Capitol, we have seen the staged attack used as a pretense by Silicon Valley and Big Tech to push censorship faster and farther than anyone ever imagined we would see in a nation founded on the principles embodied in the Bill of Rights. Here, Vincent James of The Red Elephants outlines the parameters of the sweeping Purge being orchestrated by the goons who run Silicon Valley. Before defeating an enemy, it’s important to know precisely who is the enemy, how they operate and what ways you might be able to stop the carnage by striking close to the belly of the Beast.

Twitter has been leading the charge for these nincompoops. Styxhexenhammer666 is now calling the platform “Adolf Twitler!” Here, Styx dissects Jack Dorsey’s lame explanation for why Twitter has permanently banned the President of the United States. Says Styx, “What a mess!”

The Purge doesn’t even involve content creators pushing Insurrection, but sites like Computing Forever, Dave Cullen’s creative work out of Ireland, which just got nixed by YouTube. What this tells you: This is not censorship for the reasons they are citing, but censorship being applied for deeper purposes against anyone who is idiosyncratic and doesn’t march with the Leftists.

And what’s so funny about the Leftists? They really don’t even have a beat. They’re in sync with the pounding drums of billionaire Fascists and their globalist corporations.  And if you want to talk about the threats of violence, look no farther than Antifa and Black Lives Matters, the two goon squads that burned a good chunk of America’s cities last summer, particularly targeting the properties of independently owned, mom and pop businesses. Keep your eyes and ears open. We would not be surprised if it turns out that one or both of these same groups, Antifa and BLM, actually orchestrated the U.S. Capitol takeover.

Carvings in Time

Dave Cullen from Computing Forever visits an Irish park and observes the tree carvings from the 1970s and 1980s. These times were less turbulent and less depressing, more optimistic and hopeful. What kind of messages would we carve nowadays?




Time To Abandon YouTube

Computing Forever has made more in-depth and more deeply researched videos over the past year only to see nearly all of them removed from YouTube. The lesson: For those of you still lingering, time to abandon that fallacious, censor-filled platform.

Instead, try out the alternative platforms — Bitchute, Gab, Minds and Odyssey  — and settle on the one or two of them you like best to become your new source(s) for social content.

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