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The Worldwide Awakening

We bring you two international videos that show the growth of The Great Awakening on a global scale.

First, we offer a 22-minute conversation between Ireland’s Computing Forever and the Canadian pundit Black Pigeon Speaks. Visit Black Pigeon Speaks’ web channels to see the full video, which runs an hour in length.

And from Australia, we get this fast-paced roast from the ever-challenging Aussie content creator The Crowhouse. He cites Eugene Debs, “Intelligent discontent is the mainspring of civilization. Progress is born of agitation. It is agitation or stagnation.”

It’s No Vax, No Job

The agenda is escalating. Beijing Joe Biden has pushed to enforce the edicts of the New World Order by demanding companies that employ 100 or more employees only hire those who are vaccinated.

Biden is a puppet oligarch, but most dangerous and also most disregarding of Constitutionally-granted freedoms or the Bill of Rights. More from Computing Forever.

Totalitarian Australia

How did Australia begin its descent into totalitarian oblivion? What has been aggravating the situation? Here is Computing Forever, connecting the dots.

How People Can Wake Up

From the vaccinate to the unvaccinated: How people can wake up. More from Computing Forever.

They’re Becoming Desperate

The globalists pushing vaccines are becoming increasingly desperate. Not only are more people resisting the vaccines, but it’s becoming apparent that those taking the vaccines risk death, disease and disfigurement. Will the rulers simply push the unvaccinated aside or will they start to hunt us down to render their bloody jabs? More from Computing Forever.

Masters And Slaves

When is enough is enough? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Remember when the pandemic first began and politicians spoke of “temporary” solutions. Now, these same leaders and their academic toadies are trying to extend al of the “temporary” measures and make them permanent prescriptions. In other words, they want to round all of us up, strip away our freedoms, and force us into some crappy corner of some monstrous hellhole. More from Computing Forever.

They’re Turning The Screw

How has coronavirus provided an opportunity for globalists to push universal basic income? Of course, you won’t receive any cash unless you completely abide by the government’s wishes. And that means shutting up and giving any pretense of freedom. More from Computing Forever.

Con Behind The COVID Curtain

Independent blogger Dave Cullen, of Computing Forever, says the COVID pandemic was nothing more than a cover for the Deep State’s real target: climate change. Says Cullen, “I believe the COVID narrative was always a Trojan Horse for the Green New Deal.”

He says there’s already a convergence between the climate change and COVID narratives, adding that meeting the requirements would mean more electric cars, low-carbon heating, renewable electricity and cutting down on meat and dairy. Think Orwell’s 1984. Here’s more with Cullen.

Ontario Goes Police State

Now, it’s no longer skating off the edge. Ontario, Canada, has taken the plunge and must be classified as a full-fledged police state. Computing Forever gives us a closer examination of all that went wrong.

Why Lockdowns Are Extended?

Computing Forever uncovered contract details for the United Kingdom’s vaccine informational campaign. Turns out the campaign is scheduled to run another two years!

In other words, the turkeys running the British government mean to hold the people hostage indefinitely. It’s time to call their bluff and demand a return to a more normal society. If not, the monsters who foisted this mayhem on us all need to be exposed and tried for their hideous crimes.


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