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It’s a Red Wave Coming

Judge Jeanine Pirro says the end results are becoming more clear by the day. Americans are fed up with the attempts by the Left to exert mob rule. Look for the Demon-Crats to take it on the chin again this coming November. They will be going down in defeat — a defeat they ensured through their ruthless mob assaults on President Donald Trump and attempts to undermine Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Bill Still has more.

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Bill Still has more on election polls and how many of the major polls are now shifting red. Why? In part, because the American public is planning to vote more conservatively. But also, the leading polls are generally Leftists and so they tend to favor Democrats as long as possible. But as election day nears, there’s more pressure to report the coming results more honestly or else look like nincompoops the day after when the public learns the truth.

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