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Red Wave Coming In 2022

Polls and analysts, including from far-Leftwing network CNN, are now forecasting a massive Red Wave in 2022. How massive? Republicans could well take control of both chambers of the Congress — the House and the Senate.

Fueling the rise? Not only the inept Biden administration, which has allowed steep hyperinflation, but also the defund the police movement being pushed by radical Leftists, resulting in huge spikes in murder rates in American cities from coast to coast. More from Steve Turley.

Everyone Knows Biden Sucks

Push polls do not coincide with observable reality- a border crisis, inflation, high unemployment, and various foreign policy issues. More from Styxhexenhammer666.


Biden’s Approval Collapsing

The mainstream media might be burying the polls, but the conclusions they draw aren’t too shocking: Joe Biden is one of the least popular presidents in the history of the nation.

Not surprising at all considering he didn’t have a majority of the votes when he was declared the winners. The Democrats clearly stuffed ballots with fake and fraudulent votes from Pennsylvania to Georgia and on to Arizona and Nevada.

Now, we are seeing more clearly what we already knew: The American public dislikes crazy nutcase Joe Biden and his putrid and stinking, far left party. More from Steve Turley.




Hey, Nancy: Take A Hike!

Who is the least popular politician in the United States? A new poll is causing shockwaves in Washington DC as the findings indicate the Democrats’ House Majority leader Nancy Pelosi is by far the most hated politician across the United States. Americans have seen enough of that old bag. Time for the Democrats to retire her! More from Steve Turley.


Impeachment Backfires

The impeachment circus officially backfires as the comeback of President Donald Trump begins. Not only are members of the people again gravitating toward Trump, but already they have shown much remorse over the election of Joe Biden. Whether he’s senile, or simply backed into a corner by Leftists in his party, he doesn’t seem capable of effectively running the White House. More from Steve Turley.

Political Polls Utterly Useless

Styxhexenhammer666 says political polls have now been weaponized. They are so stacked, so rigged that they have been rendered utterly useless. They are just like the rest of the mainstream media — run by liars, spreading falsehoods and lies, to benefit the elite establishment. More from Styx.

It’s not just the political polls that are weaponized. We are seeing increasing signs of censorship from the social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and Google/YouTube. The Democrats don’t just want to win, they want to obliterate opposing thought. They cannot win fair elections or fair debates. They can only increase censorship and demand allegiance — or the Gulag! More from Mark Dice.

William Binney, a well-known National Security Agency whistleblower, says what’s being described as software “glitches” are, in fact, something much more organized and sinister.

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How do ballot forensic watermark scanners work? Here’s a quick demo from Inglorious Patriots and Net4TruthUSA.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Attorney General William Barr has called upon all federal prosecutors to pursue “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities before the 2020 Presidential election is certified. This call for stepped-up enforcement came as charges of voter fraud and corruption accelerated, involving several states. Various news organizations have now backtracked on calling the election for Joe Biden, and removed at least four states from the Biden column: Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. These states have not been given to President Donald Trump. Decisions are awaiting certification of the votes, and presumably lawsuits. Following Barr’s announcement, Richard Pilger resigned as Director of the Elections Crime Branch in the Criminal Division of the Justice Department.

Below, is a graphic showing board members and players within Dominion Voting Systems, a Toronto, Canada-based voting machine supplier for many states, whose software has come under increasing scrutiny. What were first perceived as “glitches” are now seeming like something else, as they always involve votes given to Joe Biden and taken from Donald Trump. The company has connections with both Nancy Pelosi and the Clinton Foundation. In addition, Dominion is owned by Avid Technologies, whose majority owner is Richard C. Blum, the husband of US Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California. How can voting machine companies owned by relatives of Democrats. or by Democratic financiers like George Soros, hold such sizable contracts across the United States? What are the safeguards, if any, protecting against voter graft and corruption?)


One Pollster Who Gets It Right

Most of the polling companies have been way off the mark the past few elections. But one company has led the pack and gotten the most accurate predictions the past two election cycles — the Trafalgar Group. It not only predicted President Donald Trump’s surprise defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016, but also correctly forecast Senate outcomes in Florida, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Texas and West Virginia in 2018. Here, Robert Cahaly explains why he believes his firm — once dismissed as a Republican-leaning outfit — has a winning formula.

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What are the election forecasters who correctly predicted President Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 predicting for this election cycle? If you are a fan of Sleepy Joe Biden, you might want to skip this video! You’re not going to like the new MAGA predictions! More from Steve Turley.

Wisdom Of The Crowd Predicting TRUMP LANDSLIDE, Farage Says Polls Are LYING To Suppress Trump Vote. Nigel Farage says that the goal of media is to trick voters into thinking they can’t win. Betting odds across the board are saying that either Trump landslides or that his odds are way better than the forecasters give.

But polling seems to be partisan these days with some saying Trump is guaranteed to win and others saying he has only a 10% chance. But USC Dornsife says wisdom of the crowd is a better indicator of victory and if that’s true than Draft Kings betting odds suggest Trump hits a 49-state landslide. More from Tim Pool.

Trump Amassing Black Support

Approval ratings for President Donald Trump are skyrocketing among black Americans. The latest poll numbers show Trump’s black support approaching 46 percent. If even only half of those vote for Trump, it’s curtains for Joe Biden. More from Steve Turley.

Here’s Proof Polls Are Useless

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert, author of “Win Bigly”) about his election predictions, the media bias against Donald Trump and why you might not want to trust election polls. Scott discusses how Donald Trump lies are a little bit different than your everyday politician lies and if they even matter. Scott also gives his opinion for why he thinks the mainstream media still pushes the “fine people hoax” that states that Trump said that there were “very fine people on both sides” in Charlottesville despite all the video evidence proving that he denounced the white nationalists at the march.

Scott also has a good reason to not trust the national polls since he has heard from many Trump supporters that have lied to pollsters. Finally Scott discusses the dangers of creating a social media business on Big Tech platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube when you could be thrown off at a moment’s notice. He discusses his move to, where he is completely safe from content creator censorship and there are no algorithms that hide his content from his fans. He also remarks on what a happier experience social media can be when there are no trolls around.

Copiate For The Masses

What can you say about the phony mainstream media polls? Sure is October 2016 in here. More from RazorFist.

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