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The Phone Calls

Order in the courtroom! Judge Nancy Pelosi is tipsy, and General Mark Milley is fending off the truth. Let’s hear from the nitwits! More from The United Spot.

A Clean House: Very Important

The [Deep State] now knows when the forensic audit is going to be released. Think about all of the distractions they put into place to clog the news cycles. They are building the narrative to make it seem like Trump is unhinged and that he would use nuclear weapons. Think mirror.

Jen Psaki says that [Joe Biden]/puppet masters would never foment an insurrection. RED 4. The forensic audit is coming out at the end of this month and the [Deep State] is ready to push their agenda. Buckle up. It’s going to be a rough ride. More from the X22 Report.

Trump: The Shadow Presidency

Even CNN now admits: Donald Trump is running a shadow presidency. All the better given the abominable performance of the Democrat placed illegitimately into the White House, creepy Joe Biden. More from Steve Turley.

The People Are Rising Up

The people are rising up! They are getting stronger and are filled with enormous power. Here, we get excerpts from President Donald Trump’s appearance with Dan Bongino, and also learn about the Arizona election audit from Wendy Rogers, a state senator in Arizona. Pray! More from And We Know.

We Are Here For A Reason

The [Deep State] is now preparing for the fallout. It has been announced that the forensic audits are now going to be released sometime in September. The fake news is already reporting that protests are being put together during the same time to protest against those in jail. It’s a trap. Trump and the patriots have installed 11 Combatant commanders. There is a reason we are here. We are now reaching the precipices. Buckle up. It’s going to get chaotic. We knew this day would come. Patriots in control. More from the X22 Report.


Unite To Clean Out Deep State!

The [Deep State] during the Trump presidency projected everything they have done and will do onto Trump. Now the boomerang is coming back at them. They are feeling the pain. The patriots need to show the people. It must be easy to digest and accept. This will unite the people. The people must be untied to remove the [Deep State].

The [Deep State] is now preparing for zero day. Facebook is now changing its algorithm so it filters out political news. More is on the way. Sometimes the truth takes a while to show up. But once it does, nothing can stop it. More from the X22 Report.

Corrupt Traitor Biden

On this episode, we talk about China’s plans to use captured US military technology from Afghanistan to reverse engineer it as a part of Joe Biden’s betrayal of American security. Also, we briefly discuss censorship of US history, Antifa infiltrating classrooms, Texas enacting a ban on abortion, and much more… Bible Study Lesson: James 4: 13-17 “Our Will & His Will.” More from JustInformed Talk.

Stay encouraged. Your voice matters. We are on the winning team. Pray! More from And We Know.

Project Veritas does it again, Gaetz vindicated, insane Judge take mom’s custody over vaxx status and Afghan again… More from RedPIll78.

No Escape, No Deals!

The [Deep State] is panicking, [Joe Biden] is a disaster and they are now in the process of separating themselves from him. In the end [Joe Biden] will be removed by the 25th Amendment or something else will happen. What are they waiting for? The right time. Timing is everything.

Trump and the patriots now have everything in position. Special ops are now being run in the DC and Trump sent a message, Make America Great Again. It’s time to take back the country. No deals, no escape. The floor is now his to run the op. Devolution. [Nancy Pelosi] will try to make everyone believe that Trump is trying to nuke the US. Projection, Defcon [1] non nuke. More from the X22 Report.

In The End, The People Win

The [Deep State] is now being forced into the light. The plan has been accelerated and everyone can see it. The people are getting the truth out via social media. The fake news is being debunked in real time. The people must walk through the darkness. More is coming and those people who are not awake will be forced to see the truth. It had to be this way. In the end, the people will win.

The [Deep State] playbook is known and since they follow the same playbook, it is easy to counter their moves. We are in an information war and the [Deep State] is using all their ammunition. In the end, this will fail. More from the X22 Report.

Why Trump Pushes Vaccines?

Why does former President Donald Trump push vaccines when so many of his followers are avoiding vaccines? Former CIA agent Michael Jaco discusses this quandary. Also, Jaco talks about the many variables that have made the Great Awakening so complex.

For instance, are we part of a Galactic Federation? Are there alien creatures that are guiding what happens on the planet? Are these creatures good or bad? Here, Jaco appears on a new video with Nicholas Veniamin.

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