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Antifa Outside Tucker’s Home

No sooner had the Fascist Democrats won the House, when their “strongarm” goons — Antifa protesters — turned up outside the Washington DC home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson to spew venom Wednesday night. “We know where you sleep at night,” the goons shouted using their bullhorn. A group calling itself Smash Racism DC claimed credit.

Carlson’s wife was home alone at the time and locked herself in the pantry after calling the police.

If the cops don’t arrest these goons — and they won’t — then federal authorities should move to arrest George Soros, who funds these terrorists. Antifa has been out of control for a long time now, and their reign of terror must stop.

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Tucker Carlson was not home when the incident occurred but has taken time off to be with his wife and children. Howard Kurtz, Fox News media commentator, weighs in on the brazen display by Antifa. Again, it is time the members of this terrorist outfit were all jailed and their financiers, including George Soros, must be brought to justice and incarcerated. That Satanist needs to spend the rest of his life in jail, with his wealth confiscated and used to track down every last one of his leftist hooligans and henchmen.

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Joe Rogan reviews what happened at Carlson’s house and the sketchy ethics of the Antifa mob that kicked in the front door of the home. Who are these villains? If they are students, who are their teachers? If they are employed, where do they work? It’s time to track them down so we can not only stop them, but shame those who have supported these miscreants and fiends.

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