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Bye Bye, Jimbo!

Glad to see President Donald Trump yank the “press” credentials of CNN’s chief White House reporter Jim Acosta. First off, Acosta isn’t a legitimate member of the working press, but just a loudmouthed, antagonistic Liberal pushing his network’s biased political agenda. Yes, they are Leftists and also mouthpieces for the Clowns — the CIA — the Deep State carnivores, whatever you want to call them. But don’t call them journalists or real reporters because they are not and don’t deserve media or press privileges. Mark Dice has the full story.

The Amazing Lucas offers his take on President Trump destroying Jim Acosta. The reason, says Lucas: Acosta was trying to turn the press conference into a zoo. “Jim Acosta showed us why he works at CNN. I have never in my life seen a more disgraceful display than what occurred at today’s press conference. We have activists disguised as journalists and reporters. Disgusting.”

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Some of the media were charging the White House used a “doctored” InfoWars video to bar Acosta. Yes, the White House used InfoWars’ work, but as Paul Joseph Watson demonstrates, it was not doctored: all he did was zoom in to better show Acosta manhandling a female intern trying to retrieve the mic from him. Says Watson, “The media, with zero fact checking, launched a conspiracy claiming I “sped up” or “doctored” the Jim Acosta video in order to distract from Acosta’s behavior. This is false. I did not “doctor” or “speed up” anything. It was all a lie.”

Anyone who has watched Acosta at press conferences over the months already knows: He acts like a total jackass, inappropriately for someone in a professional position. He got what he deserved: booted from the premises!

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