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Google Defames Cartoonist

The Liberals running Google have turned it into a joke. But it remains a company capable of doing a lot of character assassination, as is now happening with Scott Adams. Who’s he? The Dilbert cartoonist, who apparently made the mistake of supporting Donald Trump’s bid to win the presidency.

And now that Trump has won, what’s Google doing? If you use that search engine to seek out images of Adams, it returns a pair of doctored pictures in which he’s wearing a Nazi uniform. The pictures don’t show up on other search engines or, if they do show up, they are way down in the search rankings. But on Google, they are among the top 10 pictures to appear. Strange, considering they are from a Twitter account that’s already been disbanded and only had fewer than 20 subscribers before then.

So it’s apparent there was no legitimate reason for Google to push these images, except to try to smear Adams. He should sue the bastards. He says here he might, but is waiting 48 hours before deciding anything to see if Google first tries to correct the problem.

It’s not just an error, it’s some Liberal moron’s idea of trying to defame and destroy a “conservative.” That’s why we say Google has become a joke. If they cannot corral their own employees who are using the search function for monkey business, the company needs to be fined — heavily — and penalized in a very public manner.  Also, just stop using Google for searches. We prefer DuckDuckGo, but practically any search engine is better than Google.

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