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Facebook Suspends Mark Dice

Facebook has just suspended Mark Dice for a week over his reporting on a Texas murder case. The reporting was truthful and honest so it’s hard to say why Facebook threw a gasket.

It’s becoming more obvious, though, that Facebook is a wretched Leftist social media platform — unfit for more than half the country to use. Let the Liberals remain there, but it’s time Conservatives created a new platform and all flocked to it. Populate that platform with all of the voices that Facebook and the Liberals keep censoring. Mark Zuckerberg, you suck donkey dicks.

Vincent James present more of the background facts of the case — one that saw a lot of Leftists get all up and huffy about White Supremacists when, in fact, a black man killed a little black girl. Not surprising to see Facebook screw up. All the rest of the mass media pretty much did as well. Funny, though, how they fail and then decide to impose censorship on us.



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