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Unexpected Voice Of Reason

Memes are arising about the rampant hyperinflation, including a meal at an Idaho McDonalds that cost $16. The working public has grown tired of Joe Biden and his nonstop lies. How will the Biden administraion respond? Looks like we’re going to be seeing more censorship. Surprise! Here’s more from Mark Dice.

Elon Opens A Can Of Worms

Elon Musk has opened a gigantic can of worms, threatening to sue Media Matters for its defamatory actions leading advertisers to abandon Musk’s social media site X (formerly Twitter). Media Matters and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) have been in the forefront of cajoling and badgering advertisers to adopt the leftist policies of the Democratic Party.

It’s good to see Musk challenging either of these agencies propping up the pedophile establishment and pushing censorship. The sooner they are crippled, the better off we all will be. Here’s more Mark Dice.

Democrats Going To Be Pissed

Democrats are always angry. But now there’s a new video game guaranteed to really steam their cockles.

The game’s called Alex Jones NWO Wars.  It features not only George Soros, but also Mark Zuckerberg and Hillary Clinton as New World Order villains. Here, Mark Dice tries out the game and he’s laughing hardy.

Will Candace Join Tucker?

Will Candace Owens walk away from the Daily Wire and join Tucker Carlson in a new, soon-to-be launched conservative media platform? That’s the rumor floating far and wide since Ben Shapiro’s sharp attacks against Owens. Shapiro has pushed his backing for Israel to a shrill extreme, and forgotten that he is supposed to be addressing American audiences.

Do we generally support Israel in the Middle East? You betcha! But does that mean Israel can do whatever it wants, up to and including murdering children? Not at all.

Likewise, the Daily Wire can’t expect broad American support when it belittles Americans as vibrant and lively as Candace Owens. Bark up that tree and the Daily Wire will become the next media outlet, like the leftist Vice, falling into bankruptcy.

Here, Mark Dice summarizes the issues at stake in the beef between the two conservative powerhouses. It appears to be a straightforward, honest assessment. Time will tell.

Attack Of The Racist Birds

The American Ornithological Society will drop the names of some 80 birds because they were named after slave owners who originally discovered and identified the new species. This follows after the renaming of Aunt Jemima’s Syrup and Uncle Ben’s Rice, as well as the Washington Redskins football teams. Even American Presidents, like Thomas Jefferson, have seen their sculptures torn down.

When will the leftists be satisfied? The answer is never.

They are pigs who mean to desecrate history and destroy our nation. There are no boundary lines to limit their pillaging and their rapes. Here’s more from Mark Dice.

Fact Or Fiction?

Back in 2005, Nicolas Cage portrayed an arms dealer in the Hollywood movie Lord of War. He’s being chased by an Interpol agent, played by Ethan Hawke, who eventually catches up with Cage and confronts him about the shamelessness of his work.

Cage answers, “I do rub shoulders with some of the most vile, sadistic men calling themselves leaders today. But some of these men are the enemies of your enemies. And while the biggest arms dealer in the world is your boss – the President of the United States, who ships more merchandise in a day than I do in a year – sometimes it’s embarrassing to have his fingerprints on the guns. Sometimes he needs a freelancer like me to supply forces he can’t be seen supplying. So. You call me evil, but unfortunately for you, I’m a necessary evil.”

Here, Mark Dice looks back upon the movie in a video called Fact Or Fiction?


He’s Not The Brightest Bulb

One thing you’ve got to admit: John Fetterman is not exactly the brightest bulb on the planet.

Here, he demonstrates his sparse wit speaking with Stephen Colbert. Mark Dice captures the story.

Hillary Crawls Out Of Hellhole

Hillary Clinton crawled out of her hellhole to defend the FBI browbeating half the nation. She calls for a “formal deprogramming of the cult members,” presumably Donald Trump supporters, and for them to be placed in re-education camps.

We can all thank God that Donald Trump whipped this ugly bully in 2016. What a malignant pile of trailer trash. She was beat because Americans recognized her as a vicious and vile tyrant, not someone we would ever want to serve as an American president!

Let’s examine Hillary’s fascism, as well as her corrupt New York allies like Letitia James and Arthur Engoron. Here’s more from Mark Dice.

FBI Crooks At It Again

The FBI has been crooked since the days of J. Edgar Hoover. This is an agency that has never stopped in its quest to control the nation and prevent anyone speaking out against its nonstop abuses of power.

From rock stars to presidents, from John Lennon to Donald Trump, the FBI has used dirty tricks to smear its enemies. Here, Mark Dice gives us a litany of these dirty tricks. It’s what Donald Trump is up against now and it sure ain’t pretty.

Another Phony At Fox News

Fox News continues its hellbound descent as the network becomes a warmed-over regurgitation of CNN and MSNBC. Now, Dana Perino has served as an emcee for the Clinton Global Initiative, introducing Hillary Clinton.

Sorry, Dana! You want to hang out with that leftist hag, you no longer have any street cred whatsoever with conservatives. Hillary Clinton epitomizes the worst of the fascist Democrats. She has absolutely no respect at all for our Bill of Rights nor for the average American. Rub elbows with that witch, and you risk getting burned at the stake! Here’s more from Mark Dice.

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