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Bill Maher Going To CNN

CNN means business in battling Fox and Greg Gutfeld in the late-night comedy business. CNN’s not-so-secret weapon: Bill Maher.

His popular late-night Friday show will be moving over to CNN from HBO. Discovery, the parent company of HBO, also owns CNN, so it approved the transfer.

Now the questions remains: Will CNN’s ratings keep tanking, or can Bill Maher help buoy CNN? More from Mark Dice.

Crowder’s Big Con Skirmish

What’s the truth behind Steven Crowder and his $50 million battle against the Big Con? Crowder doesn’t identify who represents Big Con, but he’s apparently referring to The Daily Wire, as well as possibly The Blaze. The Daily Wire had offered him a $12 million plus a year contract, while The Blaze has hosted his Louder with Crowder shows over the past few years.

Here, Mark Dice draws upon open-source information, much of it from YouTube, to give you a realistic analysis of this battle. Turns out Crowder is exaggerating and stretching the truth a bit, while The Daily Wire also is more pedestrian than they would have you believe to be true. So neither party should win much applause from this skirmish.

So This Is The Corporate Media?

Mark Dice enjoys challenging the fake and phony corporate newscasts. Here, he focuses on ABC — Always Broadcasting Crap network. It might be less blatantly pro-Democratic than NBC, CBS or PBS, but this is a channel that still swings to the Democrats’ drumbeat. Go figure.

Don’t Forget RINOs, NeoCons

We can’t let the people forget what the RINOs and NeoCons tried to do. Here, Mark Dice takes aim at those in the fake news, like Sean Hannity, who try to sidetrack the conservative movement and lead it astray. There are some reliably conservative and honest pundits at Fox News, but you can’t count Hannity among them.

Likewise, Dice reviews the blatant hypocrisy of Dan Crenshaw. Crenshaw might want us to believe he’s a conservative idol, but just Nancy Pelosi, his stock wealth has mushroomed since he’s been in Congress. In other words, stick a fork in this turkey!

Buh-Bye Nancy Pelosi

The Republicans battle it out to see who will lead the party in the U.S. House and replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. There’s been a lot of teeth gnashing as the old RINO division of the party tries to stave off the more insurgent wing, pushing greater transparency and change.

In the process, we’re seeing some of the old conservative media pundits, like Sean Hannity, lose their cool. Former President Donald Trump has stepped forward, calling upon his adherents to back Kevin McCarthy. More from Mark Dice.



The War On White People

White people are now routinely demonized and blamed for all of the problems in the world. Mark Dice reviews what’s afoot and the role played by Hollywood to castigate those who are white.

Hollywood Propaganda

Behind the scenes with the Hollywood Mafia. Mark Dice takes a look at Los Angeles — the City of  the Angels — and finds it full of demons, liars and broken dreams.

Who Really Pulls The Strings

Who is behind the Council on Foreign Relations? Does it really pretty much dictate foreign policies of the United States? Here, Mark Dice explores the personalities who have shaped the CFR, and shows how even such arrogant politicians as Hillary Clinton seem so beholden to this group. And speaking of arrogance, we also hear from Joe Biden, discussing how he leaned on Ukraine to prevent any investigations of his son Hunter Biden’s misdoings. Not to be forgotten: Cryptocurrencies, the wave of the future!

He’s Got Some Explainin’ To Do

There’s a reason that Adam Schiff earned the nickname Schiff for Brains. Now, he’s got some real explainin’ to do. More from Mark Dice.

The Dam Is Breaking!

Operation Mockingbird is being exposed to millions. Every day, more are learning how the CIA has been used to infiltrate and destroy independent media in the United States, turning the mainstream media into a cesspool of fake, government-controlled news.

It’s actually closer to warmed-over propaganda, enforced by the same corrupt intelligence agencies behind massive censorship across the United States. As The Twitter Files have proven, the FBI, CIA and quite possibly other American intelligence agencies have conspired with social media platforms, ranging from Twitter and Facebook to YouTube and Instagram, to shut down free speech and free thinking.

These outfights pose a monstrous threat to our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and everything America has historically stood for. More from Mark Dice.

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