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It’s Hiding in Plain Sight

Mark Dice discusses the mainstream media, what most of us know as the fake news. They miss or skip the biggest stories of the day, while pushing fraudulent footage as actual news. Here, Dice gets into some of the issues, like illegal aliens, that the news bypasses or overlooks because it’s composed of Leftists and liars.

She Actually Said It

The Biden administration is now openly admitting it leans on social media platforms to engage in censorship. The target, says White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, is supposedly covid “disinformation.” One wonders how many of the individuals being censored are actually just opponents of our brain-dead president Joe Biden?

Censorship is a very slippery slope, and patently un-American. Figures that the Democrats would embrace it. More from Mark Dice.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki gets SLAMMED for urging Big Tech to BAN users across all social media platforms. According to Jen Psaki the White House is ‘flagging problematic posts’ on social media. She went on to declare that anyone spreading misinformation and disinformation must be banned on all platforms. Critics BLAST the move as authoritarian, pointing out that it sets a dangerous precedent. Biden gets ROASTED on Twitter after claiming that Facebook is murdering people. Meanwhile, a Federal Judge orders Biden to end DACA. More from Mr. Obvious.

Just who are the dozen individuals the Biden administration wants censored off Facebook, as well as presumably Twitter, YouTube and other social media outfits? Lift the Veil brings us the Dirty Dozen and they include a number of vaccine critics we have cited or highlighted before, among them, Sherri Tenpenny and Robert Kennedy Jr.

Does the Biden administration actually believe these individuals are spreading falsities, or is the intention of the administration simply to shut up its critics? And if this censorship proceeds, what kind of censorship will we see when it comes to even more explosive issues, like how Joe Biden criminally stole the 2020 election and who, among the Washington, New York and national elite, was deeply involved with Jeffrey Epstein and his child trafficking, torture and cannibalism?

Stay tuned. We expect the ride to get bumpy ahead with much more censorship being applied by the Stasi-like machine behind what is called the Democratic Party.

What Nobody Is Talking About

Journalist Glenn Greenwald appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News and blasted Operation Mockingbird. This is the program under which the CIA co-opts and buys off the mainstream media, attempting to subvert journalism and ensure none of the federal government’s dirty secrets ever get recorded or discussed. Greenwald says this is the first time anyone has ever discussed Operation Mockingbird on primetime television.

That’s no surprise. The networks not only fall under the CIA, but even hire these groundling liars, like John Brennan, as “consultants.” The end result: We have a mainstream media that doesn’t tell the truth, but merely spreads fake news. More from Mark Dice.


The CIA’s Hollywood Operation

Mark Dice reveals the CIA’s long-standing, sordid relationship with Hollywood. See how the studios have been co-opted to produce propaganda disguised as entertainment.

It’s Real

Mark Dice explores the bizarre rituals practiced by the rich elites who gather every July at Bohemian Grove in the redwood forests outside San Francisco. Alex Jones has long played up his secret footage showing these elites engaged in what appears to be a ritual burning of a human skeleton. Here, Dice goes into greater detail about that ritual as well as others done at Bohemian Grove. The fatcats are there the last two weeks of July — some for a weekend, while others stay for a longer spell.

Talking With Biden Voters

Mark Dice heads to the beach to talk with Biden voters. Let’s see how many of them know anything at all about the man. These are not exactly brainiacs!

I’m Finally Korean!

A British man has spent eight years undergoing plastic surgery costing more than $150,000 so we could look like a Korean. More from Mark Dice.

Complete Clown Runs Military

Our military is now being run by a complete clown. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of State, Gen. Mark Milley, isn’t exactly looking competent or inspiring confidence in our military. More from Mark Dice.


How The CIA Controls The Press

At the time of the Church hearings in the early 1970s, the CIA was spending an estimated $1 billion a year to influence journalists, convincing them to protect the CIA’s interests, spread lies about agency operations and squeal on any defectors. This came to be called Project Mockingbird. Some aspects of the eavesdropping ended after the Church hearings, but Project Mockingbird — in a modified form — continues up to the present day. More from Mark Dice.

They Will Stop At Nothing

Today, we celebrate Father’s Day. But the toxic Leftwing press continues to tear down this traditional holiday. Why? These weasel journalists are pushing to have the state replace the family. Fathers, mothers will become obsolete in setting the standards. Only what the state wants will prevail. More from Mark Dice.

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