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Now, Choose ‘X’ For Your Sex

Leftist states like California and New York keeps pushing to break down the traditional male and female genders. They let people choose among 30 or more different genders, and threaten others with thousands of dollars in fines if they “misgender” anyone. This craziness keeps getting worse as the leftists press forward with their insanity. More from Mark Dice.

Leftist Media In Meltdown Mode

The leftist fake news is suffering a meltdown over Elon Musk buying Twitter. They’re imagined Musk might censor them — the way they have been censoring everybody else for the past decade or so. And, sad but true, CNN’s Brian Stelter has never been invited to a party! More from Mark Dice.

The woke left is so distraught, they are already canceling themselves. Listen as these lefty loonies law out how they will eliminate their Twitter accounts to venture somewhere beyond the stratosphere. More from Steve Turley.

TikTok Frauds Strike Again

If you need any proof that modern-day journalists have lost their bearings, you need look no further than Taylor Lorenz of The Washington Post. Here’s a so-called journalist who takes it upon herself to blackmail and expose her seeming competition. Specifically, she’s guilty of doxxing the anonymous conservative who ranĀ  @LibsofTikTok.

Glenn Greenwald says this latest dustup shows how insecure these corporate journalists truly are. And also how twisted their values.

They loudly proclaim they are supporting freedom of the press, yet they ignore exposing the abuses of our government or our wealthy elite or even heinous pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein. These are not genuine journalists, just Leftist frauds and thugs. Taylor Lorenz ought to be pilloried in a public square.

Mark Dice has more to say about Taylor Lorenz, the Scum of the Earth. Because of this Leftist douchebag, the @LibsofTikTok account has not only been doxxed, but now banned from Twitter. Dice says the best account on the entire platform might now be history.

Will It Actually Happen?

Here’s the problem…Mark Dice explores the bid by Elon Musk to buy Twitter.

On Friday, Twitter appeared to sabotage Elon Musk’s offer using a poison pill as a tool to block him. Here, The Quartering explains what that is. The battle is just warming up.

Why are the Twitter employees so up in arms over Elon Musk? Are they mad because they are leftists or leftists because they are mad? Do they speak for themselves or speak for the Deep State? We might never know the truth, but here’s one stab at it, presented by Danny Polishchuk, masquerading as Twitter employee Tony Fernandez.

It’s Pure Mind Control

The Grammy Awards used to be a music show. Now, it’s a platform for Satanist propaganda, badmouthing white people and pushing the LGBTQ party line. Mark Dice explains.

Disney Dives Off The Deep End

The Walt Disney Company has been run as a liberal fiefdom for many years. But now, the company is changing into a much more radical and pro-LGBTQ outfit, so rabidly enmeshed in the language and trappings of the woke that you probably should no longer take your kids to their theme parks or watch their rancid movies.

Here, a leaked Zoom call of Disney executives reveals what these extremist creeps have in store for children’s entertainment. More from Mark Dice.

Disney’s lurch to the left is costing the company a fortune and also eroding confidence in Disney. The Quartering says a “massive backfire” is under way. Both Disney employees and a large bloc of families have had enough of this insane company and its “woke” agenda.

Real Fake News

How has the Internet increased the opportunities for the spread of fake news? Here, Mark Dice takes a look at the websites that specialize in making up news, following in the footsteps of the Weekly World News’ heroic Bat Boy.

On a more serious level, Chris Cuomo is now backstabbing his old employer, CNN, charging its news anchors, including Don Lemon and Jake Tapper, regularly engage in unethical practices. More from Tim Pool.

The Rise Of A Central Bank

What is torn asunder during the Civil War is soon rebuilt under powerful titans, while repeated panics drive hysterical populations into the arms of a new central bank. More from Truthstream Media.

In a video called The Secret of Money, Mark Dice also delves into the formation of the Federal Reserve following secretive meetings by bankers and their allies on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia.

Anti-Cop Democrats Miffed

Take a look on the face of Maxine Waters. Apparently, many of the stalwarts in the the leftist branch of the Democrat Party are not happy with Joe Biden’s plant to better fund the police. More from Mark Dice.



The Celebrities Will Save Us!

We don’t have to fight China or Russia, not when there’s climate change on the horizon. More from Mark Dice.

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