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Twitter Fighting Free Press

No sooner had Jack Dorsey resigned as CEO of Twitter, and the social media platform issued new terms of service. The long and short of the new policies: Twitter won’t be allowing conservative and independent journalists to speak out. Doesn’t matter if these journalists are telling the truth while the mainstream media blatantly lies and attempts to bury stories. Twitter will bring down the hammer, and knock around characters like Andy Ngo or Tim Pool. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Mark Dice also has a few words to share about Twitter, its disgusting biases and our new overlord: Parag Agrawal. You have to wonder where they came up with this cretin. He has absolutely no appreciation for the American Bill of Rights, yet he’s chosen to run a major social media platform!



CNN Finally Comes Clean

After lying and pushing propaganda for so long, CNN finally reveals the truth about Joe Biden’s abundant failures as a president. Actually, CNN isn’t rounding a corner. But Mark Dice has some fun by grabbing select clips from CNN’s blowbag hosts. What a motley bunch of Leftist losers!

They’re Not Taking It Well

Self-proclaimed “comedian” Stephen Colbert is not taking the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal very well. The late-night TV talk show host demonstrates his clear hatred of the American Bill of Rights. He’s targeting the 2nd Amendment, but he might as well blast the 1st Amendment as well. Fatcats like Colbert think none of us should be able to express our opinions, or protect ourselves, if we aren’t flaming leftists cut from the same cloth as they are. More from Mark Dice.

Thanksgiving Hate Exposed

Whatโ€™s with people who hate the greatest holiday of the year? The real truth of the anti-Thanksgiving movement is revealed in this video. More from The Babylon Bee.

Of course, the fake news has been full of vile attacks against Thanksgiving. Leftists never celebrate any American traditions nor offer comfort to citizens. Instead of turkey, these Bolshevik institutions deliver baloney. More from Mark Dice.


YouTube has eliminated the dislike button, trying to protect the despised Joe Biden administration and other reviled accounts that were wracking up tons of negative comments and dislikes. Mark Dice explains.

In a followup video, Mark Dice noted how the mainstream media pundits pushing the establishment line have been the mot vocal opponents of the “Dislike” button. That’s because they have been wracking up huge dislike totals. Who are these opponents? We’re looking at you, Trevor Noah, who has proven himself time and time again to be a mouthpiece for the globalists.

Microsoft’s Woke Insanity

None of us should be shocked anymore by any news of degeneracy at Microsoft. After all, the company’s former CEO Bill Gates has proven himself a brainless twit and a thug by hanging around with creeps like Jeffrey Epstein, serial child rapist and pedophile. Now, we see Microsoft going overboard with its “woke” culture. The company has taken the whole charade to an entirely new and bonkers level. Do they hire anyone who isn’t a leftist clown? More from Mark Dice.

FBI Raids James O’Keefe’s Home

The FBI has raided the home of James O’Keefe, the head of Project Veritas. What were they looking for? The diary of Ashley Biden, the diary where she recalls showering with her father multiple times as a a young child. More from Mark Dice.

Styxhexenhammer666 says rumors have circulated about the diary for many months. But now, we know the diary is real. Why else would the FBI get involved? We also know that there’s a reason why Hunter Biden is such a pervert. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Finally, we close with James O’Keefe and his attorney, Paul Calli, appearing Monday night on Sean Hannity’s Show on Fox News. O’Keefe says plainly, “the process is the punishment.” Ten FBI agents raided his home although Project Veritas had already handed over the diary to law enforcement many months ago.

Documents were seized on many ongoing Project Veritas investigations. Clearly, the FBI is no longer a legitimate law enforcement agency, but closer to the East German Stasi forces, meant to terrorize enemies of the state and protect a jaded, corrupt, perverted leader.


James Carville encourages Democrats to apply a little moderation, but from all appearances, the party keeps veering off the deep end. They are no longer leftists. Much closer to deranged lunatics! Mark Dice dredges up some shocking examples from the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Joy Reid.

Imaginary Racism

We have a growing epidemic in America. Every television show or movie, even TV commercials, are becoming racial statements, rather than entertaining or provocative dramas, comedies and thrillers. Hard to say where all this “diversity” will lead, except the results are going to split up and divide audiences, and likely won’t be good for America. More from Mark Dice.

MSNBC’S Dumbest Idea Ever?

MSNBC is banging the drum again, arguing that it was white supremacy that defeated the Democrats this week in Virginia. Never mind that Republicans elected the first black woman, Winsome Sears, as the state’s next Lt. Governor!

The voters didn’t elect who MSNBC wanted as governor, so that network berates them. Maybe it’s time MSNBC went back to reporting the news, rather than telling us how to vote! More from Mark Dice.

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