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It’s Bad News for Hillary!

Hillary’s Lawyer David Kendall’s letter to the Department of Justice shows the brazen contempt she held for the federal government. She not only believed herself to be above the law, but in a position where she could break the law with impunity — and never have to explain her evil actions. More is revealed here in this new video from the Vincent Vendetta Channel, including newly released FBI documents showing their cowering before Hillary and unable to decode her computers, which had all been destroyed. Jail,  bitch!

Was the entire US attack on Libya a premeditated effort by Hillary Clinton to get her hands on Libya’s $30 billion fortune? How does Sidney Blumenthal, a former employee of the Clinton Foundation, figure into the ruse? We are just beginning to understand how deep the corruption ran with the Clintons. More to come.

Truth, Justice and Freedom gives us a more in-depth view of Hillary Clinton, Sidney Blumenthal and the $30 billion Libyan fortune. The Clintons have always been greedy, so that’s no surprise. But the brazen and dastardly scope of this Clinton plan is simply mind-boggling.

Finally, we close with an update from the Vincent Vendetta Channel, presenting more on the relationship between Hillary Clinton and Bob Mueller, the lover man of James Comey.

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