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Gene Decode: DUMBS Update

Gene Decode joins the Michael Jaco podcast to break down the progress of shutting down the DUMBs throughout the planet, including the final assault on the Antarctica tunnels.

Decode also explains that the “war” with the Deep State–aka the globalists, the Cabal, the bad guys–is a war for creation for all of humanity everywhere. “This is the beginning of the war for dark and light,” Decode says. “If we do not prevail here, we’re done.” More with Decode and Jaco.

In a brief, but related video, Decode confirms that some of the DUMBs in the United States have been cleaned out, including the evil and infamous “Nightmare Alley” in Dulce, N.M., which vibrated at high fifth-density negative. He says it’s akin in darkness to the DUMB below Libya, which is part of the vast South African tunnel system that envelops the lower three-sevenths of the continent.


Real Reason Gaddafi Was Offed

The removal and murder of Muammar Gaddafi was not because of America’s concern for the Libyan people, nor for a mad dash for the country’s plentiful oil reserves. Many now feel the Libyan leader was offed because of his plan to introduce a new world currency to rival the dollar and euro. brings us the details, courtesy of Wardo Rants.

Evidence Cannot Be Stopped

The [Deep State] is panicking. The evidence cannot be stopped and the people will know the truth soon. The country belongs to the people. The [Deep State] system is being dismantled and the [Deep State] cannot stop it. Nothing can. It’s time to take back the narrative, the bull horn and the country. The people are seeing the true agenda of the [Deep State] and the people are rejecting it. The movement is growing. More from the X22 Report.

Hypocrisy of the Protests

The Black Lives Matter protests are the handiwork of stupid and immoral Democrats. Stupid because they don’t recognize how their party is responsible for many modern-day evils, including warfare in the Middle East and the return of slavery to Libya. Immoral because they rail against President Donald Trump when, in fact, Trump has studiously avoided getting the United States embroiled in another war, while Hillary Clinton made it clear she intended to fight in Syria, as well as possibly Iran and North Korea. In other words, Trump has avoided useless conflicts while the Democrats thrived upon them. Here, this hypocrisy is laid bare by a philosophical chap, whose identity is unknown.

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The CIA In Our Midst Now?

How do the protests in cities across the United States resemble those that occurred in Libya, Syria and the Ukraine? Is this by design because all of these events were orchestrated — say by the CIA? Are we witnessing yet another regime change attempt by this three-letter agency? If so, time to expose every one of them — their agents, their fronts and their methods of operating. More from AnOmaly.

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Antifa: A CIA Color Revolution?

You can clearly see from this 2016 video where I highlight OTPOR and Color Revolutions. I talk about Soros’s North Africa and Middle East “Project” as a series of topples beginning with Fast and Furious, rolling weapons and materiel to Haiti for staging Libya and Syria. Americans don’t believe the same techniques can be used here by CIA with the diversion of NATO Trillions to finance the venture, but that indeed is exactly what is happening. More from George Webb.

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Buttigieg Is A Radical Liberal

Talking all things: slutty wandering lone wolves, Swiss banning gayness, transgender My Little Pony, saying farewell to Andrew Yang, and finally thoroughly debunking the idea that Pete Buttigieg is a moderate. Spoiler alert: not even close. More from Louder with Crowder, hosted by Steven Crowder with guest Alan Dershowitz.

George Webb draws the links that connect Pete Buttigieg directly to Joseph Mifsud, the mysterious Maltese agent who tried to compromise President Donald Trump’s campaign aide George Papadopoulos. Buttigieg, who fluently speaks seven languages, is himself tied into the CIA, and shown to have been involved with Peter Strzok in nuclear negotiations with Iran, as well as talks and negotiations involving Libya, Yemen and Syria. In other words, Buttigieg is not who he portrays himself to be  — a small city mayor — but is actually closely linked with clandestine operatives who have long sought to subvert and control America’s foreign relations.

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Steven Crowder returns with a second show explaining why Pete Buttigieg is NOT a “moderate Democrat.” More from Louder with Crowder.

Democrats’ Treasonous Allies

Democrats wanting to call Alexander Vindman as an impeachment witness are sealing their own doom. It seems Vindman’s brother, Leonid, is a convicted guns, arms and nuclear smuggler whose company, Tungsten Capital, has engaged in trafficking operations in Libya, Iran and the Ukraine.  Is it at all surprising that the Democrats are aligned with two brothers with track records committing treasonous acts against the United States? More from George Webb.

Webb is the Washington, DC, investigative journalist who discovered the Biden Blackberries used to negotiate the Iran nuclear deal. Biden’s DIA Blackberry is key to Trump’s impeachment defense.  Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, Billy Bulger and Paul Pelosi all carried a DIA Blackberry configured by Dimitri Alperovich of Crowdstrike.

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Congress Distracts Then Acts

While you were watching the bogus impeachment vote in the House, the U.S. Congress — both Democrats and Republicans — slipped through a $1.4 trillion spending bill. Among its non-debated provisions: Citizenship for Libyan refugees and $4 billion going to Afghanistan, the money, of course, soon to be in the hands of the Taliban. More from Lisa Haven, drawing from Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

Canada: The Dumpster Fire

Black Pigeon Speaks addresses the dumpster fire as Canada, the Globalist experiment, prepares to vote.

Stefan Molyneux, host of the world’s largest philosophy conversation, leads off a powerful series on the Canadian Election with an analysis of a key issue for Canadian voters: IMMIGRATION! Close to 22 percent of Canadians are foreign-born — meaning immigrants represent twice the percentage of the population, compared to their numbers in the United States.

In Part II of this same series, Stefan Molyneux examines the relationship of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to the rule of law in Canada:

– SNC Lavalin Obstruction of Justice
– Free Speech
– Gun Control

SNC Lavalin – a giant Montreal construction firm – was accused of two major crimes based on its association with the Qaddafi regime: Paying $48 million in bribes to Libyan government officials, and defrauding the Libyan government (and other entities) of “property, money or valuable security or service” worth $130 million.

Deferred prosecution agreement = no criminal charges.

In the leaders’ debate, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer accused Justin Trudeau of lying to Canadians when the SNC-Lavalin allegations first surfaced:

“You looked Canadians in the eye and told Canadians that the allegations in the Globe and Mail were false,” Scheer said to Trudeau.

Trudeau replied: “They were false.”

This will surprise the Ethics Commissioner, who ruled otherwise.

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