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Reeling In James Comey

There’s a special place in John Durham’s probe for weasels like James Comey and there’s no escaping justice this time around. The rumor mill in Washington has it that Durham, with his expanded Special Counsel authority, is squarely focused on the former FBI director and his crew.

The Washington Examiner is reporting that the Durham probe is close to handing out indictments to Comey and his inner circle for his alleged cover-up of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. H.A. Goodman says that during his stint with the FBI, Comey had the phony goods on President Trump, thanks to the Steele Dossier, and he knew all about Clinton’s dirty little secrets. He basically had the keys to the castle. Unfortunately, he chose to usurp Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s authority to close the case without prosecution to save his own behind.

“James Comey is a brilliant tactician, even though he’s like a serpent,” Goodman says. “He was not only deceptive and manipulative, he was brilliant in a nefarious way.” In the following video, Goodman brings us the full context of the scandal, which led to Comey’s predicament today.

Let The Arrests Begin!

Now that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for Covid-19, looks like they might have to remain in isolation for a period of 10 days. Could this be the celebrated 10 Days of Darkness that Q foretold? And what of President Trump tweeting about the disease and saying we’re all in this together. Break down the letters in “together” and you produce: To Get Her. Could this be a signal that the Witch, Hillary Clinton, is finally going to be arrested? Meanwhile, Guantanamo Bay received word on Sept. 30 to prepare for “high-level American prisoners.”  So arrests could be imminent. More from And We Know.

Trump is pushing forward with the plan. Trump and the first lady have been diagnosed with the virus. He will be in isolation for a 10 days or so. During this time, optics are very important. Will arrests be made during this time? I don’t think so. What has been the main objective this entire time, the election. The [Deep State] has been pushing mail-in ballots. How do you remove fear and allow people to vote in person? More from the X22 Report.

Welcome to Red October. The President is waging asymmetric warfare!! Red October has arrived, aka [D5]. More from TRUreporting.

Epic fail for the Deep State, Press Secretary Slap-down, and the weird coincidences at the Southern District of New York. More from Lori Colley.

We start with a reminder that POTUS has MANY times in the past denounced supremacism of any kind, leading into Comey testimony breakdown, followed by an update on the Clare Bronfman sentencing in the NXIVM case and finally we get some major reveals in the Julian Assange case, learning about a foiled Clowns In America assassination plot. PLUS SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ON MAGA Meetup 2.0 on Oct. 15th! More from RedPill78.


In Pursuit of Truth gives us an update on Haiti and how the Democrats, and specifically Hillary Clinton and her minions, have been engaged in harvesting there. No, they are not ballot harvesting, but harvesting children — orphans they abduct and subject to Satanic sex rituals leading up to, and including, death. There’s a reason Jeffrey Epstein maintained his island resort so close to Haiti.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media continue to push their agenda, but the American people see right through it. They no longer believe in it. The hunt is on. Trump and the patriots are now pushing forward. They have everything. The world is waking up to the corruption and the lies and the [DS]/MSM cannot stop it, no matter how much they censor. More from the X22 Report.

Let’s get the patriot party started. Joe Biden is hitting the Amtrak, traveling by train to campaign stops. Let’s watch as his wife, Jill Biden, protects his left flank. Also, what have we learned from the Comey Senate hearing? More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

Here’s my take on the debate, including speculation on the Special Comms Devices that Joe may have worn. We’ll also look at the shameless memory losses Mr. Jim Comey seems to have suffered when placed under oath. More from Lori Colley.

Chris Wallace and George Clooney scampering about on Lake Como, Italy

How Do You Expose Treason?

The [Deep State] believes the debates are going to expose Trump. It’s the other way around. The patriots are using the debates to bring the corruption to a larger audience, to have people think and question. While all of this is happening James Comey is being questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee. This is not about having James Comey tell the truth. This is about getting him on record under oath. This will be used against him later on. The patriots are in total control. Trump mission will to break Biden during the debates. Enjoy the show. More from the X22 Report.

What do we have to look forward to in November? Massive ballot fraud and cheating by the polecat Democrats. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai joins SGTReport to discuss election rigging and massive documented ballot fraud in Massachusetts and around the nation. Dr. Ayyadurai is mounting a write-in campaign for the US Senate from Massachusetts, after being disenfranchised through cheating that he explains here.

Both the Biden-Harris presidential campaign and the campaigns of individual Democrats, like US Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota, have been caught with ballot-harvesters. Just how low will they go? What exactly are they doing to pervert and destroy the integrity of our voting system in the United States? More from Lori Colley.


Roberts Departing Top Court?

Will John Roberts be the next Supreme Court Scotus to exit? If you read the Q posts, a recent one seems to suggest Roberts will retire soon. The post shows a TV account of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death reported by John Roberts from Fox News. Some Q followers believe John Roberts, the Scotus, is under fire after having traveled to Epstein’s Island in the Caribbean on board the Pedo Plane. More from The Patriot Hour.

Never bring an arrow in a quiver to a LOSBR missile fight. We are over the target now. Be prepared. Stay alert. More from And We Know.

Dr. Dave Janda joins the SGTReport to discuss the myriad reasons why the mainstream mockingbird whores are in such a tizzy and panic over Q. The media mercenaries claim the Q posts are “Insane and incoherent”. This friends, is INFORMATION WARFARE, and nothing less.

Is the final judgment coming soon? When will justice be administered to the most vocal members of the Swamp — James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan and, the kingpin, Barack Obama? More from JustInformed Talk.


The Corn Moon, Rig For Red

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media narrative is lost. The riots are out of hand. The people see it. The virus is falling apart. The people see the truth. The threat is the [DS]/MSM. The patriots are now in the process of taking back the country. Nothing can stop this. Nothing. Thursday was Constitution Day and the patriots are now removing the 1619 project and putting in the 1776 commission to teach American values. Rig for red. The patriots are about to surface. More from the X22 Report.

Virus pandemics! Forest fires lit by arsonist Leftist scum! Election tampering and attempts at grand fraud! The Democrats will not concede! Fine! They have left us no choice but to push them off the crevice, and let them burn an eternity in Hell for their misdeeds and crimes? Pedophilia and trafficking of children are but the start of their treasonous acts. More from And We Know.

Wow! Color Revolution under way. Are you ready for armed insurrection? More from Lori Colley.

We start with a deep dive on the training the US anarchist insurgents have undergone before reading through the most recent posts, then we examine the changing attitudes of American citizens towards police and it’s not good for the Dems, finally we get an update on the Gen. Flynn case and finish with the final posts. More from RedPill78.

FBI Director Christopher Wray wailed Thursday about Russia’s aim “to denigrate Joe Biden ahead of the election.” After the incompetence of the FBI  over the past four years, and their proven treason in pushing Russiagate, just who in the hell does Wray think he is? We concur with Black Conservative Patriot. Time for President Donald Trump to remove Wray from office or to begin impeachment proceedings against him.

President Trump will be busy in November. Once the election wraps, he plans to move to quash the terrorism that has plagued our nations for months now, fomented by Chinese-backed terrorist groups including Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Also in this edition: Updates on James Comey and Peter Strzok.


Hold The Line, Midnight Riders!

Burn the flag and get a year in jail. That’s what President Donald Trump is now proposing. Let’s get ‘er done. The message today: Hold the line, midnight riders! Justice is coming! It might seem like it’s taken forever, but we will see creeps like former CIA Director John Brennan and former FBI Director James Comey face substantial jail time for their illegal activities to spy upon the Trump administration. Also, in this edition, Antifa is exposed as a terrorist outfit. More from And We Know.

We begin with the spurious connection between a China front group and an offshoot of Black Lives Matter, moving onto the new posts where Sec. of Defense Mark Esper admits China and Russia both have put directed energy weapons in space. We tally the damage from the recent riots and it’s the worst in history. And finally, Joe and Kamala have endorsed a Michigan Democrat we DO NOT want in office. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream media are now pushing everything to the next level. They are preparing for the elections. The playbook is known. The architect has been exposed and the people can see exactly what the [DS]/MSM are preparing to do. This has always been about the election and the [DS] 16-year-plan. More from the X22 Report.

A standoff in Lynwood, California, leading to an arrest, might well be connected to last weekend’s horrific shooting of two Los Angeles Transit Line deputies. Black Conservative Patriot says the arrest followed a massive manhunt. Otherwise, Joe Biden doesn’t deny he is taking drug enhancements. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

Silent weapons, quiet war. Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago, has pledged her allegiance to a New World Order. What does that mean? A global government. An end to our freedom of speech and press. Also, mandatory vaccines. Will you take the mark? More from the SGTReport.



Celebrations: We have a new In Pursuit of Truth. So let’s get Pursuity. New Q-posts guide this edition, posts that show arsonists — and not global warming — are behind the vast majority, if not all, of the wildfires burning across California, Oregon and Washington. Funny how there are so many fires in the American Pacific Northwest, yet very few in Canada. The global warming must be on snooze control there!

Otherwise, will Joe Biden actually appear for one of the presidential debates, or will he bow out at the last moment? Will any of the fat cats, like John Brennan and James Comey, get indicted or will we see a whitewash of their crimes? Will the corn be ripe for picking — and harvesting? Is there a story behind Brian Acton’s Signal Foundation, and  is it really interested in preserving private communications? Finally, what’s up with Vigor Marine, a shipbuilder and ship repair firm based in Portland, Oregon?

Assange, Rich and Brennan are now on deck. News will be coming out shortly. The server brings down the House. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are losing the narrative. Documents show that Antifa is coordinated and the whistleblower that [Adam Schiff] is trying to bring forth does not have any credible information. Justice is coming. More from the X22 Report.

Activists, witches, anarchists and arsonists. Today’s Democratic Party isn’t what it used to be. More from Lori Colley.

First we examine some info from the latest Q-posts. William Binney reminds us of an exciting NSA program called Stellarwind, meaning the Special Council investigators who deleted their devices are not in the clear. Next we discuss the implications of Hunter Biden’s activities in China and Ukraine and John Bolton’s rising legal problems in the form of a Grand Jury. Finally we investigate the new fake whistleblower who actually had his own emails leaked. Exciting stuff! Plus Peace in the Middle East and the Transition integrity project. More from RedPill78.

The State Department knew of Hunter Biden and his Burisma double-dealing and scams. While the State Department recognized the vice president’s son was corrupt and guilty of graft in the Ukraine, as well as China, the State Department did nothing whatsoever to stop the corruption. How are we not shocked at all! More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

Tyranny Not Easily Conquered

Netflix exposed! Organized chaos exposed! Check out the size of President Donald Trump’s rally in Nevada. Of course, the lying Leftist mainstream media never shows you Trump’s crowds in full. They don’t won’t to expose the putrid followings, by comparison, for their decrepit and senile contender, Joe Biden. Also, new Q posts show that John Brennan and James Comey didn’t commit treason one time, but scores upon scores of times. They should both go to the slammer for a long time and soon! More from And We Know.

Guess what? Joe Biden’s interviews are so fraudulent they are scripted. Here’s video proof. Also, the Deep State continues to inflict torture on Mike Flynn. What exactly does Flynn know? More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media has been caught in the narrative. The truth is coming out and more is being exposed everyday. Riots are no longer a myth or a conspiracy. Now the wild fires are being set. This soon will be shown to be a fact and not a myth or conspiracy. The [DS]/MSM is doing everything in its power to destroy the country. As they push to do this, the people are rejecting this. Justice is coming. The alarm has been set. The only way forward is accountability and justice. More from the X22 Report.

Do you know what predictive programming is? It’s time to turn off your television. More from TRUreporting.

Who is to blame for these “wild” fires? More from JustInformed Talk.

Have FISA Arrests Begun?

Have FISA arrests already begun? Could as many as 50 or 55 officials from the Barack Obama administration be facing arrests on charges involving conspiracy against the United States and perjury and lying to Congress? Amy Vandersteel and Cirsten Weldon both cite high-level sources who told them massive FISA arrests would occur over the weekend.

Just who? Vandersteel says former FBI Director James Comey was scheduled to be arrested Sunday, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on Monday and former CIA Director John Brennan today.

Cirsten Weldon also heard from another inside source who gave her details on the charges these officials will face. Comey, she says, will have 17 counts brought against him, 3 counts of conspiracy, 6 counts of perjury, 4 counts of obstruction of justice and 4 counts of falsifying documents. Brennan will face 12 counts, she says, and Clapper 5 counts.

Among the others to be arrested: former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Sally Yates, a deputy attorney general.

What we don’t know yet? How many of these officials might have plea bargained already, exchanging information for leniency in their prosecution? Is it more important to prosecute them to the full extent of the law, or to reach higher, and see if Obama, his Vice President Joe Biden or his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered or took part in any of these crimes?


Meanwhile, Black Conservative Patriot, who we run frequently, says the opposite. He maintains there will be no more indictments from either special prosecutor John Durham or Attorney General William Barr, even after the elections. FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who already pleaded guilty, “will be the only one,” BCP says.

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