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Times Are 8Chan-ging

CodeMonkeyZ says 8Chan will be back, after working hard on building strong defenses and mitigations to prevent another deplatforming. In Pursuit of Truth brings us up to date, and also gets into Jeffrey Epstein,  QAnon, the Deep State, and the knuckleheads at the CIA and FBI.

The deplatforming of 8Chan has one aim and purpose: An attempt to erase the outreach of Q-Anon and prevent the spread of Q’s ideas and revelations. The Washington Post story on the deplatforming bore the headline, “Will taking down 8chan stop the worst people on the Internet?” We’ve got a message for the Washington Post: Go spread your lies elsewhere!! More from Destroying the Illusion.

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Meanwhile, Dustin Nemos says while Q is down, it won’t be for long. Here, he explains the plans to revive Q.

Area 17 Ground Zero introduces us to the German House of Hesse. This is a Satanic bloodline that ties together the House of Bussche, the Royal Family, the House of Rothschild and 9/11. Here, we get into an assortment of strange connections, from the Red Cross to the Ironhorse Bike Gang out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Google Earth 88. Follow the ley lines to begin to understand what connects Washington DC with the Vatican, and also so many other buildings old and new — from the German Chancellor building to Stonehenge, Giza and the Georgia Guidestones. More from EntertheStars Reloaded.

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