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Patriots In Control: Checkmate

The [Deep State] is doing everything they can to stop the cyber symposium. They are continually attacking over and over. Codemonkey Z says they have something better than PCAPS. Checkmate. Scavino sends a message to all patriots to let them know who is in control. The [Deep State] is now panicking and preparing for day 0. Today there was a test of the Emergency Alert System. Was this day zero? Trump sends a message that bullies do not fight. More from the X22 Report.

Information Warfare!

We are now seeing an explosion of information “warfare,” as we learn through Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium how President Donald Trump actually carried the state of Arizona by 270,000 votes. How many more states did Trump carry? How much cheating did the Democrats do to put Joe Biden across the finish line as our supposed president? Has the information warfare reached the point where we are witnessing spiritual warfare as well? Strap in and pray! More from And We Know.

This episode recaps the highlights from Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium on 2020 Election Fraud. Also, the examination of the voting machine vulnerabilities is reviewed by Ron Watkins, aka CodeMonkeyz, and Mike Lindell’s “Red Team” of ‘white hat’ hackers. This episode also covers other major news stories related to the fraud, waste, and abuse of power in our current government. Also, Romans chapter 8 is studied briefly in the beginning.  More from JustInformed Talk.

Maricopa County Under Fire

CodeMonkeyZ has come forward to share more intel about the upcoming drops from the Dominion whistleblower, Maricopa County is under fire, strange happenings with the death of Ashli Babbitt and Lt. Col. Vindman discredits himself again. More from RedPill78.

This fight is intense. Messing with the military, former and active, was a huge mistake. Pray! More from And We Know.

As the Biden Administration prepares to double-down on vaccine requirements, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) stands firmly against bowing to unconstitutional mandates. Senator Paul is fully vaccinated, and one’s vaccination status has nothing to do with fighting unlawful mandates requiring experimental vaccines. More from Lori Colley.

Things Are Getting Hot

CodeMonkey releases Dominion whistleblower testimony, a third Capitol Police officer’s suicide, a fourth officer dies outside the Pentagon, calls for Cuomo to resign, NYC announces mandatory vaccinations, and more from Lori Colley.


Timing Left Up To The Patriots

The [Deep State] is panicking and preparing for the fallout of the forensic audit in Arizona. Cuomo investigation is complete and the Democrats are calling on Cuomo to resign. Are they trying to control the narrative? Codemonkey Z releases a video displaying how the election systems are connected to the Internet and Dominion has access to the system. The [Deep State] never thought she would lose. Now they all lose. The patriot’s will control the timing of events. Time is ticking down and the [Deep State] knows this. Buckle up. The ride is going to get bumpy. More from the X22 Report.


Whistleblower Divulges Codes

So much news today, President Donald Trump responds to Seth Keshel’s report, alleging widespread election fraud. Also, Colorado elections on the line, Dominion voting systems whistleblower video and explanation, and Andrew Cuomo sexual assault report has dropped! More from RedPill78.

CodeMonkeyZ brings forth a new whistleblower who will be disclosing passwords used to reach the online platforms where Dominion Voting and Democratic officials cheated to steal the 2020 Presidential election. “Today we learn the importance of timing and optics,” says And We Know.

The Trap Was Set in 2018

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media/[Central Bankers] have been set up. Trump set the trap back in 2018 with his Executive Order. Now, the evidence is pouring out. The people will be shown the truth, that their vote was controlled. It will blow peoples’ minds. The social media/Mainstream media who knowingly participated with foreign countries are about to pay the price. How do you bring the entire diseased corrupt temple on top of them? You use the truth and transparency and you show the world. Trump is countering the Mainstream Media with the vaccine, planned from the beginning. More from the X22 Report.

Over the weekend, Sidney Powell and Louie Gohmert made waves with talk of a Spanish company, Scytl, potentionally being raided by Special Operators. But, what if we got the story wrong and it was actually one of our OWN Intel Agencies that got raided??? We have an update from Jim Jordan on the Durham investigation. Everybody can cool their jets. We’re doing fine. Sidney gives us another beautiful sound byte on the state of the fraud. We learn more from CodeMonkeyZ about the fraud from Dominion and more about Eric Coomer, the Antifa VP at Dominion, and it looks like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Half Whitmer is getting impeached. Let’s keep that train moving and impeach the rest of the Demonrat Governors who tried to kill their states! More from RedPill78.

Kraken surprise! Patriot Democrats and ex-CIA will help save the Republic! More on Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Investigative journalist Maryam Henein joins the SGTReport to blow the whistle on the Deep State and their wholly owned mockingbird corporate mainstream media. If Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are right, a lot of people are going to go to jail for this treason, and many of those folks should include faces you know and regularly see on TV.

Times Are 8Chan-ging

CodeMonkeyZ says 8Chan will be back, after working hard on building strong defenses and mitigations to prevent another deplatforming. In Pursuit of Truth brings us up to date, and also gets into Jeffrey Epstein,  QAnon, the Deep State, and the knuckleheads at the CIA and FBI.

The deplatforming of 8Chan has one aim and purpose: An attempt to erase the outreach of Q-Anon and prevent the spread of Q’s ideas and revelations. The Washington Post story on the deplatforming bore the headline, “Will taking down 8chan stop the worst people on the Internet?” We’ve got a message for the Washington Post: Go spread your lies elsewhere!! More from Destroying the Illusion.

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Meanwhile, Dustin Nemos says while Q is down, it won’t be for long. Here, he explains the plans to revive Q.

Area 17 Ground Zero introduces us to the German House of Hesse. This is a Satanic bloodline that ties together the House of Bussche, the Royal Family, the House of Rothschild and 9/11. Here, we get into an assortment of strange connections, from the Red Cross to the Irnhorse Bike Gang out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Google Earth 88. Follow the ley lines to begin to understand what connects Washington DC with the Vatican, and also so many other buildings old and new — from the German Chancellor building to Stonehenge, Giza and the Georgia Guidestones. More from EntertheStars Reloaded.

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