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Starr Dismantles Shifty Schiff

Former independent counsel Ken Starr, who presided over the impeachment of President Clinton, ripped into Democrats and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff for their handling of the latest round of closed-door hearings. The whole sham wreaks of ill grace, Starr says. “What we’re dealing with here are legitmacy/approriateness of the resolution passed last week that continues the process for these to be closed-door hearings and that’s the fundamental problem. The closed-door nature of an impeachment inquiry, I think, is unprecedented, that’s undisputed. But it’s also quite wrong for the American people. We need to see these witnesses.” Host Gary Franchi of Next Network News tells us more.

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Support for impeachment, meanwhile, is rapidly fading. The public does not trust the Democrats, especially given the secret impeachment hearings and the shady whistleblowers — all from the Obama administration and usually heavily related to the shady CIA. After Trump is re-elected in 2020, the upper tiers of the CIA and FBI both need to be pruned down and renegade officers demoted or fired. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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