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More Epstein Disclosures

James O’Keefe joins Alex Jones on InfoWars to discuss Project Veritas’ revelations about ABC withholding news on serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. O’Keefe says to watch for more shocking Epstein revelations.

It’s unclear whether those will also involve ABC.  O’Keefe clearly implies here he has a source, within ABC, with more news to share. But O’Keefe hints that additional whistleblowers have emerged with similar stories. So we might soon be learning of other TV networks or newspapers or mass media outlets that shirked their duties and failed to report the news.

Why did they bury a story so shocking — perhaps the largest and most sinister case of pedophilia in the history of the United States? How deeply are the media compromised? Were they seeking to camouflage these crimes to protect their “friends” — i.e., Democratic politicians and donors — who engaged in sexual games, up to and including torture of children on Jeffrey Epstein’s island in the Caribbean?  Or were members of the media guilty just as well? Did they join Epstein’s pleasure cruises and make use of his dungeons and torture chambers? Were these same crimes occurring at Epstein’s mansions in New York, Florida and New Mexico? Are there foreign spy agencies implicated or perhaps even American ones, including the CIA?

Stay tuned and return often to Stormy for the honest news on Jeffrey Epstein. We will never shirk our duties in the way that ABC, CBS and NBC as well as major newspaper outlets including the New York Times and Washington Post have done. We will call pedophiles to task — doesn’t matter if they are princes or presidents, or pimply paupers, for that matter.

Stefan Molyneux explores the low standards and lax morality of today’s journalists. They are motivated by money, or fame, but won’t lift a finger to help imperiled children. In other words, they are never to be trusted or believed.

Here, Jamie Dlux covers the Amy Robach talk. Whether you think it’s news or not, it’s a talk that should be replayed thousands upon thousands of times so long as the monsters who preyed on children alongside Jeffrey Epstein remain free, walking around the Earth, instead of being imprisoned where they belong. We’re talking about scum: Prince Andrew. Bill Clinton. Alan Dershowitz. Bill Gates. The lowest of the low among this planet’s billions of dwellers.

Oh wait! What’s this? Mark Dice covers the Amy Robach disclosures. The question remains: When will ABC begin to report honestly about Jeffrey Epstein? How about their rivals at NBC or CBS? America is beginning to wake up and realize what kind of monster the media allowed to prowl the streets among us. Now, we have to ask: What were they hoping to accomplish through such grandiose negligence? Who can ever believe these liars again?

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