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The Great Awakening

The wonderful and enlightened Tiffany Fitzhenry joins SGTReport for a PREMIERE as we discuss the GREAT AWAKENING. “We’re not born to be ruled” says Tiffany, and this great awakening is just a part “of reclaiming our planet.”

Incarcerated ET has hit the big-time with his blow-by-blow images showing how the mainstream media lies and cheats in support of Leftists while attacking Conservatives and the GOP, even when they are doing exactly the same thing as the Democrats. In other words, the media is not at all truthful, just a big, biased, blowing Hot Air Propaganda Machine. In Pursuit of Truth highlights the IET chain while delving into the latest Q posts. Speaking of Q, looks like he’s picking up steam worldwide. A few days ago, we noted the avid following for A all across Europe. Now, looks like he also has fans in Iran.

The [Deep State] is about to use their escape clause. They are trapped. They have been throwing punches at Trump and now they are tiring out. Trump and the patriots are ready to KO the [DS]. The [DS] legal team is now in trouble with the Flynn case. Sentencing has been put off. Other cases will start to crack. Bread & Butter are the two names of the turkeys for ThanksGiving, Assange also used the words bread and butter. Everything is set. Trump and the patriots are going to come out punching. More from the X22 Report.

Happy Thanksgiving! You can celebrate the holiday knowing our lives have improved since the arrival of President Donald Trump, and it’s looking more likely he will have four more years ahead to occupy the White House. The Democrats have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Trump and, so far, he’s dodged their scurrilous assault. Here, RedPill78 spreads joy as well as the latest news. That includes new Hillary Clinton emails plus the latest update on Gen. Mike Flynn.

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