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Hidden Danger in Great Lakes

There is a danger wreaking havoc in the Great Lakes that most people are clueless about and it has claimed 600 lives since 2010. The culprit are the powerful riptides near piers and where waves are high, strong enough to pull any unwitting swimmer out to sea. Michigan resident, Jamie Racklyleft, escaped certain drowning when two bystanders heard his cries and saved his life. Unfortunately, a 16-year-old was caught in a riptide and drowned the same day. The experience spurred Rackyleft on a mission to educate the public about the danger and end drownings in the Great Lakes. “As I’ve learned since, even an Olympic swimmer like Michael Phelps can’t fight the force of a rip current. They are very strong,” Racklyleft said. Learn more about Racklyleft’s mission on this report from WDIV-TV in Detroit.

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