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Vocal Print Reveals Fake Biden

Vocal analysis expert Sharry Edwards tells blogger Sarah Westall there’s a strong possibly the Joe Biden we saw early in his presidency isn’t the same person we see today.

Edwards says, “Things that were in his voice in the beginning, like vascular dementia, they’re not there now. So we don’t know what they’re doing or if these are even the same people.” Edwards says she can’t be 100 percent on the analysis, but points out that the things that were in Biden’s vocal print when he was running for president aren’t there anymore.

She also reveals the recent vocal-print analysis she conducted on the current batch of tyrants terrorizing the country and world, including Nancy Pelosi, Alejandro Mayorkas, Gov. Gavin Newsom and Bill Clinton, and says, “We learn the truths that they cannot hide in their vocal prints.”

Rednecks Saving Civilization

They drive big trucks, they go mudding and they love their God and guns. They have a smash hit TV series and perform some of the most popular music in the world. “I’m talking, of course, about rednecks,” Steve Turley says.

Rednecks are often celebrated as a staple of American life, but they are also the object of elitist mockery and condescending derision. But what many don’t know is that rednecks have actually become a powerful political force, inspiring millions around the globe to rise up in defense of faith, family and freedom, and change the world like never before. Here’s the rest of the story.

Fake Numbers Worldwide

From Mexico City to Paris, New York to Rome and all across the planet, there is strong evidence of the Deep State’s push to fake testing and vaccination numbers.

Reporting on the ground in Mexico City and Paris, Josh Sigurdson says governments in practically every corner around the world are using the same protocol to force fraudulent numbers. He digs into the details in this edition of World Alternative Media.

Disaster Relief Responsibility

The devastating and deadly Hurricane Ida became the second-most intense storm to strike Louisiana. The Category 4 hurricane is just one of many that have wreaked havoc on America this season.  But that doesn’t mean rebuilding should be done by Joe Biden and the federal government.

Politicians from the areas hit now want hundreds of billions of dollars in aid. When disaster strikes, the federal government definitely has a role, because the feds control resources, such as the military and other first responders. But why has rebuilding become the federal government’s responsibility? Until recently, businesses and charities handled most disaster response. And it’s a fact the private sector does a better job than government. Here are some answers from John Stossel.

China’s Climate Trap

The U.S. has made working with China on climate change a priority, because it sees China as a key to lowering global carbon emissions. But the two sides don’t see eye to eye on some issues. Where the U.S. wants to do what’s right for the environment, China sees an opportunity to demand concessions.

It makes sense for the Biden Administration to engage China on climate change, because China is a huge emitter of carbon dioxide. And the CCP says it’s willing to cooperate–for a price.  Watch out, Uncle Joe, it’s a trap! Here’s China Uncensored, with host Chris Chappell.

The Real Donald Trump

In this revealing video, Christian Patriot News (CPN) features Donald J. Trump and his ascension into the political arena. It’s the battle of good vs. evil, Trump vs. the Establishment, the proverbial clash of titans.

CPN takes an honest and unbiased look at the real Donald Trump over multiple decades, without the fake news spin from the mainstream media, asking: Is Trump indeed a racist, as his haters charge, or does he judge others, not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character? Is he mean and rude, or kind and compassionate? Is he a liar or a truthteller? And, finally, is Trump a traitor or a patriot? Here are some answers from Christian Patriot News.

Juan O. Savin On Steele’s Death

Juan O. Savin joins filmmaker and blogger Sean Stone to discuss the final hours of Robert David Steele, who died over the weekend in a Florida hospital. Savin dismisses the chatter that something sinister happened to Steele, who was struggling with bronchitis and an oxygen deficiency.

Savin, who says he “had people” at the hospital, received a call from Steele confirming that he was turning for the worse. Steele subsequently recorded a statement with a confidant who was speaking on his behalf, authorizing him to take care of any medical issues if he was unable to handle them himself. Steele also gave specific instructions that he did not want a tracheal intubation, the process of inserting a tube down your throat to help you breathe. He also insisted on being treated with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. When medical personnel told Steele he needed to be intubated, he became borderline combatant. “Under CDC protocols, if you become unruly, you can be sedated,” Savin says. “He was determined to be combatant and was given a mild sedative of fentanyl. Then a decision was made with a family member to go ahead and intubate him.”

Despite Steele’s passing, his voice will be prominent in days and years to come with the release of  the new docu-series Best Kept Secret, which he produced in conjunction with Stone, and the upcoming documentary Masters of Illusion, a revelation of the treason and corruption on Wall Street. Here’s more of the Savin interview, in which he also  gives us an update on the turmoil we should expect in the coming months.

Walmart Ads Raise Eyebrows

Riss Flex reports that outrageous pricing on items from a couple of Walmart retailers is raising eyebrows. CawBing, which supplies Walmart with a variety of items, lists several everyday products, such as pillow cases and shower curtains, at a whopping $6,666, while a Topwoner curling iron is advertised for nearly $10,000, and costume reindeer antlers and a syrup juice dispenser are priced at $5,500.

Strangely enough, a number of the high-priced items on the CawBing page are all priced at $6,666, while several at Topwoner products are marked at $5,555. “There’s trends that we’re noticing here that don’t add up,” Flex says. “There’s something behind it and whatever’s going on doesn’t make sense.” As you would suspect, Walmart has placed a disclaimer on both pages: “We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here and we have not verified it.”

The ads are eerily similar to what appeared on the Wayfair online website last year, eliciting conspiracy theories that the ads were part of a child sex-trafficking scheme. We present the following video, not as gospel truth, but so the material can receive further research. There are tantalizing threads to the story, but also some elements that could be fraudulent. And, as always, practice your own due diligence and judgement.

Is Gen. Michael Flynn Q?

Some recent cryptic tweets and proclamations from Gen. Michael Flynn has Christian Patriot News thinking Q.

Flynn’s latest tweet is especially astounding. He said: “Coming to a theater near you, first Az, then MI, then, then, then…” The movie theme, says Christian Patriot News, is one that you will find prevalent throughout the  Q drops. Flynn has also consistently proclaimed that the one thing more important than our freedom, is our faith, another phrase with the exact same verbiage  found in Q posts.

So the burning question: Is Michael Flynn Q? “I believe our favorite president (Trump) is Q+ and I believe that Gen. Michael Flynn is part of the Q team,” says Christian Patriot News. “Some people will argue that Michael Flynn is Q himself. That’s a debate that we could have.” Here’s more from Christian Patriot News.

California Dreamin’

As the recall vote on Gov. Gavin Newsom nears, he is countering by pushing a $100 billion relief/restoration plan for the state of California. Breaking down the numbers, that includes $5.2 billion for residents who couldn’t pay rent during the coronavirus shutdown and another $2 billion for water and power bills. Then there’s the icing on the cake–$12 billion for middle-class Californians as a kickback!

All this for a state that’s running a hefty surplus and didn’t need a bailout. Nevertheless, Newsom is giving it all away as the recall election draws closer. The “Right Angle” triumvirate of Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green discuss Newsom’s handout.

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