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A Public Awakening

Flotus Melania Trump destroys the DeepState with her #Christmas @WhiteHouse Patriotism exhibit. SerialBrain2 explains more in a video called The Spirit of America.

The [Deep State] held their fake impeachment hearing. This hearing was part of the patriots’ plan. It needed to go mainstream first, the people need to be educated on how administration should never work with a foreign government to interfere with the US elections. The hearing explained it all to the people of the US. Phase III is coming. The House is about to be brought down. The [DS] understands that this is the storm brought on by Trump. Q drops more bread. Arrests coming soon. More from the X22 Report.

NewQ Posts! Extreme panic displayed! It’s going to be Biblical! More from McAllister TV.

If you listen to the Left, only three possibilities lie behind every happening: Racism, sexism or Russia. Here, SerialBrain2 returns for the second time in one day , addressing the question: When will the trials for Deep State treason begin?


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