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The Times’ Fake Trump Story

Major Anti-Trump Story EXPOSED As Completely Fake, “Trump Regret” Voter LIED But Media Ran It Anyway. It was a 3 Million dollar ad buy that made Mark Graham famous.

Mark was just a regular Trump voter who now had come to regret his decision. According to the New York Times he had been politically converted due to the impeachment proceedings. The story ran for months and eventually a progressive leftist group filmed him for a commercial to run in rust belt states. 3 Million dollars, a massive campaign.

But local media did the work the New York Times refused to do. They checked his voting record. It turns out Mark did not vote at all. He even at one point said “I just made it up” when asked by a local journalist.

The story fit the confirmation bias of so many that they refused to let it go and seemingly refused or failed to do a basic five minute search to determine if he was being honest.  This man was likely not convinced by impeachment or any other scandal. In fact, he even said that the commercial allowed him to show off. That’s what drove it.

Democrats need to get their act together if they plan to defeat Trump. So long as they run fake news like this and push fake anti-Trump narratives, they will lose. More from Tim Pool.


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