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The Patriots Sent A Message

The [Deep State] pushed an event in Iraq. They thought they were going to get Trump into a long drawn-out event, but it backfired. Like always Trump did the unexpected. He countered the [Deep State] in such a way that it sent a message to all [DS] blacksites. The [Deep State] is no longer in control, The patriots are. More from the X22 Report.

Edge of Wonder does a live show, in advance of Rob and Ben heading to Australia for a couple of conference appearances. Here, they delve into the news about Ghislaine Maxwell showing up in Israel and serving as an agent for Mossad. Also, not too surprising, they discuss the massive fires raging all across Australia.

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Pathologist Dr. B and deep researcher The Sharp Edge join the SGTReport to discuss the myriad connections between Jeffrey Epstein, Deep State family names and modern medicine. This is Part 1 of our 2-part conversation.


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