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Jeffrey Epstein Wounds!

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain interviews Dr Kevin Wacasey – an Emergency Room doctor with over 20 years experience – about Jeffrey Epstein’s injuries that have just been revealed.

Lionel Nation says 60 Minutes conclusively showed he was murdered. All the more reason now to indict Ghislaine Maxwell. If you have any doubt Epstein was murdered, you’re an idiot.

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From Dr. Michael Baden’s analysis, it appears Epstein didn’t kill himself, but was strangled by a wire or a cord. In other words, he was garroted — killed — by someone else. TruNews has other intriguing facts they unveil here, including Epstein’s third Social Security number.  These are not hallmarks of an ordinary individual, but more befitting a spy. The questions remain: Who was he spying for? And, of course, who killed him?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed and censored this video. In its absence, we present a short Bitchute video where Dr. Baden clearly says the death resulted from homicide, not suicide.)

What most people don’t know: Jeffrey Epstein owned the flight school in Venice, Florida, where the Saudi pilots who attacked the World Trade Center on 9/11 received their training. Here, George Webb discusses the implications. The bulk of the video concerns Hunter Biden’s DIA Blackberry and how it is key to Trump’s impeachment defense. Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, Billy Bulger, and Paul Pelosi all carried a DIA Blackberry configured by Dimitri Alperovich of Crowdstrike.

George Webb is an investigative journalist in the Washington, DC area who has researched the DNC blackberries and hard drives used by the DNC Chairwoman’s IT assistant, Imran Awan.

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