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Global Communication Blackout

The [Deep State] is now pushing a communications blackout. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many other providers are experiencing problems. Is this a test run or the real blackout? We will see. This wasn’t a DDOS attack. The DNS Record were deleted.

Was this an inside job? This happened right after the whistleblower appeared on 60 Minutes. Scavino sent another message: A video of Trump shooting a golf ball and getting a hole in one past another ball that was very close to the hole. The clock is ticking down for the [Deep State]. Pain and the truth are coming. More from the X22 Report.

Former CIA officer Michael Jaco and Florida pundit CirstenW discuss the Facebook blackout, which also took down many cell phone companies. CirstenW says the outage likely is tied to the Starlink satellite constellation. It is operated by SpaceX and provides Internet access for much of the Earth. More than 1,600 satellites are part of that network, many flying in low-Earth orbit.

On this episode, we discuss the high probability that Facebook’s latest “whistleblower” is just a piece of a well-orchestrated deep state PSYOP to impose further restraints on free speech broadly across the internet. We also cover the latest news. And I share more verses that will help you spread the Gospel of Christ! More from JustInformed Talk.,


Spock, Capt. Kirk To The Rescue

“We don’t have a political position,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer claims. “Democrats think reporters are on their side. They expect it,” says Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes.

What’s this, liberal bias infiltrating the media? The mere thought of the media taking sides doesn’t sit well with the Star Trek crew, sending Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk into action to save the world from the scheming Democrats in this political parody on the lighter side of life. The Ovation Eddie video is courtesy of Free Your Mind.

More Cheating In Georgia

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has taken his litany of lies to “60 Minutes,” where he professed that the 2020 Presidential election was the best-run election in Georgia history. Hold your horses, says John Solomon of Just The News.

Solomon says he obtained all the documentation from Georgia’s risk-limiting audit last November, including data from Fulton County (Atlanta), which has the largest percentage of votes in the state by a mile. What they found was more deception and manipulation. “There were batches of ballots that were scanned multiple times, like two dozen times,” Solomon says.  He added that they discovered a sequence of votes, where five different batches each came out with the same exact total, one right after the other–a mathematical impossibility. Finally, there’s a huge gap in 150 blocs of absentee ballots that are logged in with a designated number, but on the actual log they don’t show being counted. Here’s more on the George chicanery with Solomon and anchor Jenna Ellis on Real America’s Voice.

CIA’s Phony UFO Invasion Op

There is much alien news to discuss in the weeks ahead, but be careful where you tread. CIA operatives are out in force trying to plant false tales of a blanket UFO invasion.

Here, the Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt discusses the most callous and brazen of the phonies pushing such talk, including Luis Elizondo, who just appeared on 60 Minutes, and Christopher Mellon, from the Mellon banking family, who formerly worked for both the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations.

Make no mistake about it. These aren’t independent operators, but CIA shills and artful liars. The brain-dead fools from the mainstream media can turn to these operatives to get their facts, but you shouldn’t make the same sorry mistake. Why would anyone ever trust the CIA? Unless, of course, you were gathering details on drug running, trafficking children, or perhaps, stealing an election.


Aliens Are Real!

UFOs are very real, as Luis Elizondo, former head of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, told 60 Minutes over the weekend. Recently declassified files and film leaked to The New York Times by Elizondo and former government official Christopher Mellon, has convinced the Pentagon to admit we are not alone, despite their decades of denial.

In the following report by CBS News’ Bill Whitaker, he speaks to Navy pilots who have actually witnessed what the government now refers to as UAPs, unidentified aerial phenomena. Former Navy pilot, Lt. Ryan Graves, says his crew saw these objects every day for a couple of years and feels they are a threat. “We were amazed at what we were seeing. The probability is that it’s a threat observation program.” He added that the UAPs were one of three things: secret U.S. technology, an adversary spy vehicle or something otherworldly.

And speaking of otherworldly, brace yourself for the second half of this video, where recently discovered 16mm films show government officials interrogating a captured alien, who claims he is from our future and a descendant our of species. Chilling, to say the least. And, as always, judge the material for yourself.

Tales From The Temple

Did Jeffrey Epstein have tapes showing Bill Clinton and Donald Trump in compromising sexual positions? Were these tapes filmed in New York, Florida, New Mexico or on Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the Caribbean?

Epstein’s accomplice, the now-jailed Ghislaine Maxwell, has told acquaintances that the tapes are real, but no tapes have surfaced. So if they exist, they have been sequestered away from the public’s view.

Here, Jamie Dlux traces the few details emerging about the tapes and links them to a producer from 60 Minutes. Yes, there’s also a “doggy in red” involved, although that’s more of a joke than a clue about the contents. Watch and you will learn some tantalizing asides, but you still won’t know: A. What exactly do the tapes show? and B. What has happened to them?

Bidens Are The Pre-Show

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are fighting for their lives. The people see the truth and they see how corrupt the Bidens are. But this is just the beginning. It’s the pre-show. Get ready the next act is coming. Flynn’s case is front and center. Get ready: Joe Pientka is about to make an entrance. Remember the original 302. Let’s see what happens. The people are no longer believe the Mainstream Media. Also: [HRC] emails show how they cashed in. More from the X22 Report.

This October surprise from Joe Biden’s daughter will make you sick! Trump and Biden on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” Amy Coney Barrett is now Supreme! More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Who is Peter Strzok? Prove I exist! More from McAllister TV.

Jordan Sather from Destroying the Illusion offers an update on the class action lawsuit being filed against Google to get conservative content creators restored on YouTube. Google is the parent company of YouTube. You can check out this tweet from former Google employee Zach Vorhies to read the complaint and press release for our filling against YouTube:

Finally, we close with the latest video from JustInformed Talk. He delves into the Hunter Biden secret tapes as well as the federal lawsuit brought against Google by YouTube creators, including many appearing in today’s roster of videos. Normally, we limit these wrap-ups to 3 or 4 videos, but we will up that to 5 or 6 for the next few weeks. Some of these creators are being silenced by Google, so they need extra exposure now. Also we have an election coming up, with so much news no one could follow it all.


Dump Masks, Trust Treatment

A group of America’s frontline doctors gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court building over the weekend to tell the country not to be afraid of the coronavirus. They further emphasized that wearing masks does not curb the spread of the virus and are socially divisive, posing a threat to civil liberties and national security.

Dispelling misinformation spewing from our mainstream media, the group reinforced that doctors are capable of dealing with the virus and stressed that early treatment is key. As recently as July, the CDC revealed that of the people they looked at with COVID-19, 85 percent said they wore masks always or usually.  Says one of the doctors, “What does that tell you. Only 3.9 percent said they never wore a mask. If masks worked, you would see some different numbers. In fact, 85 percent of the people are wearing a mask and it’s not doing them any good.”

Their main message: Allay the fear and seek early treatment. Here’s more with OAN’s Christina Bobb.

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And on the other end of the political spectrum, there’s two-faced Dr. Anthony Fauci and the mainstream media–in this case 60 Minutes–spreading more fear and misinformation. Fauci talks media restrictions, Trump and COVID-19, masks and voting in person.

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They Weren’t Happy About It

Ricky Gervais’ devastating monologue at the Golden Globes awards ceremony still is drawing rebukes from the Leftists. Must have really stung those child-murdering, adrenochrome-swilling retards. We all saw Tom Hanks shriveling up his lips. Suck it, you Big phony bastard! More from Mark Dice.

Ricky Gervais BACKLASH exposes the media’s Leftist bias, They’re calling him right wing. Ricky Gervais jokingly snapped back asking how it could be right wing to target the world’s most privileged people and major corporations.

After his viral monologue many personalities on social media and in articles called him right wing or a right wing hero, they said he was pushing right wing talking points.

The reality is that the establishment left is dominated by super wealthy elites pretending to be woke leftists and major corporations that put on a thin veneer of progressivism in order to pander to the left.

By challenging that they are trying to discredit him.

But we can also see the bias exposed by satire website Babylon Bee which gets targeted fairly frequently by media who claims they don’t do enough to show they are a satirical website. In reality neither does The Onion or Clickhole but no one seems to smear them the same way. More from Tim Pool.

Of course, Ricky Gervais saying Hollywood is full of a bunch of pedophiles might not be that Big of a deal. You see, America thinks Gervais “nailed it!” But Lionel Nation says Gervais is probably a Deep State plant and a shill, only telling us what we already know. The laughing matter: We won’t do anything about it!

Jamie Dlux examines the medical records of Jeffrey Epstein, also revealed Sunday on 60 Minutes. And we learn his girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, is under guard 24 hours a day by former Navy Seals. Is she in Israel or house-housing in the United States? Or perhaps elsewhere?

Jeffrey Epstein Wounds!

Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain interviews Dr Kevin Wacasey – an Emergency Room doctor with over 20 years experience – about Jeffrey Epstein’s injuries that have just been revealed.

Lionel Nation says 60 Minutes conclusively showed he was murdered. All the more reason now to indict Ghislaine Maxwell. If you have any doubt Epstein was murdered, you’re an idiot.

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From Dr. Michael Baden’s analysis, it appears Epstein didn’t kill himself, but was strangled by a wire or a cord. In other words, he was garroted — killed — by someone else. TruNews has other intriguing facts they unveil here, including Epstein’s third Social Security number.  These are not hallmarks of an ordinary individual, but more befitting a spy. The questions remain: Who was he spying for? And, of course, who killed him?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed and censored this video. In its absence, we present a short Bitchute video where Dr. Baden clearly says the death resulted from homicide, not suicide.)

What most people don’t know: Jeffrey Epstein owned the flight school in Venice, Florida, where the Saudi pilots who attacked the World Trade Center on 9/11 received their training. Here, George Webb discusses the implications. The bulk of the video concerns Hunter Biden’s DIA Blackberry and how it is key to Trump’s impeachment defense. Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, Billy Bulger, and Paul Pelosi all carried a DIA Blackberry configured by Dimitri Alperovich of Crowdstrike.

George Webb is an investigative journalist in the Washington, DC area who has researched the DNC blackberries and hard drives used by the DNC Chairwoman’s IT assistant, Imran Awan.

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