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Truth About Shadowbanning

Are you subscribed to The Corbett Report on GooTube? Are you sure? Today on #PropagandaWatch, we tackle the concept of shadowbanning on social media and the insidious nature of “the intelligent manipulation of the organized habits of the masses.” More from James Corbett.

Leftists have pushed insidious censorship, not only targeting opposing views, but making it impossible for conservatives to do banking, or pay their utility bills, or even go grocery shopping. As long as derelict companies like Mailchimp comply with these fiends, this censorship will continue. What’s the solution? Computing Forever says we might need to start our own planet!

Dr. Steve Turley also touches upon the lame move by Mailchimp to censor and block conservative philosopher Stefan Molyneux. Besides proving what a shameful and disreputable company it is, Mailchimp is helping to hammer home the ultimate death of this fanatical Liberalism. what we will soon see: The cancellation of cancel culture!


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