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America First In Arizona

America First has taken over the GOP in Arizona and those not on the train are being replaced or are resigning. Says Martin Brodel, “That’s going on all around the country. People are fed up and we are fighting back.”

And just because this stuff is not front and center on mainstream media, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Brodel says President Trump and the White Hats, including our military, are busy behind the scenes and doing a lot of things. Stay tuned for some shocking revelations. Here’s more with Brodel, who also reports that the Biden Administration is taking aim on the suburbs with a flurry of regulations, the Left’s obsession with cancel culture, the changing face of the criminal justice system and border-crossing smugglers openly advertising on Facebook.

Unsilenced Majority Fights Back

Unsilenced Majority is a conservative nonprofit fighting back against the woke mob and their enablers. Its founder and president, Mike Davis, tells Glenn Beck he grew tired of cancel culture and its ability to silence Americans daring enough to speak out against the far-Left’s Marxist ideology.

But how can the right fight back against cancel culture without becoming it? Davis explains what his organization is doing to ensure the freedom and voices of all Americans survive for decades to come.

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Cancelling Homeless People!

They need to be held accountable too, ok? More from FreedomToons.

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Get Woke, Go Broke

The Woke Mafia is getting their just due. They’ve enjoyed their positions at the top of the media world, but the higher you climb, the harder you fall, especially if you never belonged in the first place.

Liberal Hivemind reports that woke cultists hate the system of capitalism so much and want to take it down, yet work for these massive capitalist organizations. Their rhetoric is catching up to them and this is why woke culture is unsustainable and collapsing. “The woke journalists are being fired like we’ve never seen before,” he says. In the following video, Liberal Hivemind takes a closer look at two specific cases supporting the backlash of the cancel culture.


Crazy Train Going Off The Rails

Just how crazy have the Leftists gotten with their perpetual cancel culture? Now, they aren’t just trying to ban books or get TV shows canceled. They are trying to ban cars for being….r-a-a-a-cist! More from Mark Dice.

Candace Blazing A Trail

Candace Owens to sue Cardi B as conservatives start to fight back. We have had enough of the Leftists, their foul mouths, their endless censorship and their dictatorial stands. Now, they get a slice of their own dirty cheese. More from The Salty Cracker.


For Scent-imental Reasons

Hey kids (of all ages), it’s Saturday Morning Cartoon time again!

I was going to bring in a certain hyper-educated quacker uncle from the Mouse’s domain, as requested by BitChute viewer Alkaline777… But, since CancelCulture has set its sights on Toondom’s ultimate mascot of masculine self-confidence, I’m gonna feature him first.

Before the Leftards decided to attack Pepe for “glorifying rape-culture”, the TV networks had butchered this film pretty heavily for suicidal elements. Shabby way to treat an Oscar-winning picture! Of course, we’ll be having none of that here!

This is the first one to have the tables turned on the amorous Mephitis. (Weird that people think the blue paint somehow cloaked his scent, when the ‘toon makes it clear that Penelope’s snoot is too clogged up for her to smell anything.)

Trivia: Skunks are a North American species. The European polecat found in France is not black/white, and is unrelated.

Directed by Chuck Jones in 1949. More from the OldHorseman.

Beck Rattles The Woke Left

When the cancel culture wielded its ugly censorship hammer on Dr. Seuss, labeling his children’s books as racist, it got Glenn Beck to thinking about what’s really going on.  No one, he says, has ever been offended or is in therapy after reading and purchasing millions of these books for decades. “I’ve never heard anyone say, ‘It started with the Dr. Seuss books.’ It’s the same people today that are telling us what to say, what’s offensive and what’s not.”

So Beck took it  upon himself to bring us his whimsical version of Dr. Seuss. This tale, minus the Whos or green eggs, is about FDR and is probably something that will rattle the woke Left.

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Here Comes Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is now coming for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The fact of the matter is: The biggest proponents of cancel culture always end up canceling themselves. Once you unleash the galestorms, the tempest never stops until the winds subside. More from Steve Turley.

Judge Jeanine Pirro says Gov. Andrew Cuomo should face criminal charges for his role in the deaths of thousands. As coronavirus raged, Cuomo and other errant governors, including Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, ordered patients suffering from the virus moved into nursing homes. Of course, this led to many of the elderly residents catching the virus and dying. So what should have been protected quarters were converted into death traps  More from Bill Still.

Is Wray A Sleeper?

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have been set up. Everything we have learned in the past is now coming true in the future. Future does prove the past. Christopher Wray was testifying today and he did not lean either way. Is Wray a sleeper? Can he be trusted? This will be a future marker. The virus is now disappearing. Texas/Mississippi have now removed the mask mandates. Businesses are opening. This is all according to the plan. More from the X22 Report.

The Supreme Court has proven beyond ALL DOUBT, that AMERICA has NO JUSTICE SYSTEM IN PLACE!!! Once this is proven, we can move the CLEAR Election Fraud case into a MILITARY TRIBUNAL! What happened in DC when the whole DANG place was covered in SMOKE? More from McAllister TV.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News, we examine the insanity of recent events in cancel culture, the crumbing facade of the Cuomo administration, the preponderance of evidence the FBI and Christopher Wray are ignoring for fake Trump supporters in DC on the 6th and much more. More from RedPill78.

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