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BBC To Lay Off 450 Staffers

CNN isn’t the only Liberal, fake news outlet under the gun. Now, the Leftwing BBC has announced plans to lay off 450 news staffers as their ratings implode. So not just here in America, but also in Great Britain — not to mention Italy, France and on and on across Europe — citizens are wising up to the drivel and propaganda spewed by the lying mainstream media. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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And speaking of fake news, watch George Stephanopoulos as he tries to cut off Jay Sekulow arguing against President Donald Trump’s impeachment. ABC screwed the pooch when they hired Stephanopoulos, a former Bill Clinton press secretary, as a news anchor.

Stephanopoulos is as dishonest as the days are long in the wintertime. He’s not a credible or fair news anchor, and so he drags ABC down to that same level: A news outlet we can never trust to objectively or honestly report the news. More from the Trump Fan Network.

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